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PostSubject: SUPPORT LOVES SHIT 24/7 TOO... LMAOOOOOO   Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:16 pm

This is too funny for words. Last week I FINALLY got talked into asking for my account to be reopened. Not because I want anything to do with that sorry ass site, but because someone wanted to know what support's reply would be. OMG... I never imagined how funny it would be. loooooooooool.

I did ask in a respectful, "I will be a good girl", manner.. but seems they like 24/7 as much as we all do, as you will see by their reply to my request.

Here is support aka Lee's reply to my request, and after follows my lengthy and honest, yet hysterical (if I may say so myself) reply.

July 24, 2011, 02:32 AM RE: Reopen Closed Account lwalls

This is our answer because it was your answer to all.

All The Best,


They wouldn't reopen my account because I called out that old bag of bones and his self serving crap. Now THAT is funny.

Enjoy my reply... its worth the read... lmaoooo.

July 24, 2011, 05:42 PM RE: Reopen Closed Account [ ] Client

Dear NoPayPOKER Support... while I find it interesting that you don't reopen my account, it doesn't surprise me nor upset me in any way possible.

The fact is... I was asked repeatedly to try and have it reopened as I am missed there. I have no desire to play there anymore. When you aka Support, allowed the lying, conniving, and player harrassment to continue and helped close accounts such as Diva's to go on, there was no way in the world I would waste my time on a site that is so biased, sadly run, and now full of sexual innuendos, unintelligent moderators who still show favoritism on a daily basis. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence sees what the truth is behind the garbage.

The worst part though, you have allowed players to be deceived into thing NPP is fair, impartial and against all forms of cheating.

Well I am sure y'all saw what Duke007 posted repeatedly at Facebook which was removed then posted for all to see at the NPP Moderators Forum... but I'll refresh ur memory:

by Duke007 » Wed Jun 08, 2011 1:33 pm

Since nopaypoker keeps removing this from facebook I'll post here, why would you remove my comments ? Because the truth hurts DM Vadnais was busted cheating blamed his daughter and you still fund him so in short you condone cheating at nopaypoker you back him with name changes when he is chat banned for causing trouble weekly . I'm not even sure why the Mods waste there time looking for multis and or cheating but no doubt this post will be removed to protect the low life cheating of DM what a joke and you wonder why I wont return. How many countless people have had there accounts closed for cheating yet because this clown writes articles that do nothing for the site in all my years there I never once saw anyone say , Hey I just joined this site because of some articles . Like hello there all over the net but once your convinced something is working for you the ability to see around it goes too left field .


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Re: Cheating
by Duke007 » Thu Jun 09, 2011 4:18 pm

OK lets add more not only was he busted once for this but twice he has a house account which means he is given all the freeds and bc he needs for writing his worthless articles . and the worst part is he blamed his daughter when he got busted cheating , which means a person that never plays on npp had to have his pw then the knowledge to make an account transfer freeds from his account to hers set up a private game for 2 people with a pw and have herself be on away while DS I mean DM won the game. This guy is a lowlife He wouldn't even stand up and say yea I messed up sorry won't happen again no no he blames it on his daughter , Then to boot this guy Nick does some promo work for NPP believes this is the truth because DM said so now we have a second guy getting paid by npp for doing nothing Hell maybe there all sleeping in the same bed . Ok now back to the beginning when I first found npp I didn't know what a soft boot was but while playing rings you would have cards make raise then be raised after you would call you would be booted and trying to hurry back I never did read that screen that came up just figured software problem nope the Mods and there leader ( Shep ) at that time were cheating the players out of freeds . So to summarize NoPAyPoker has from day one condoned cheating if you (Can't think of the write word to put here) So I'll stop for now check back for updates on cheating and npp

Now that is extremely telling.. and explains why players such as Guruvolt never have a rank regardless of the tens of thousands of freeds he wins in a matter of a few days. You have house accounts and something you have denied personally to me in the past and continue to deny.

I knew better.. I'm not some brainless twit. It was the reason I stopped playing against questionable players. House accounts is a form of cheating.. it is cheating unsuspecting players who have no clue that house players have the advantage and will always have the advantage.

The funny thing is... the information was outted by the very ass who stalked, harrassed, and abused Grace, Diva, Me.. and many others. The boy toy of your lying, gossip spreading Mod Admin Hott.

What I said to Hott in my email that ultimately got my account closed, as YOU VERY WELL KNOW because I NEVER once broke a rule at NPP nor caused drama there, was the absolute truth. Yet you chose to believe her utter garbage... I would assume y'all have smartened up a bit since then. If not, shameful yet not surprising. Intelligence is hard to come by for some.

As for my posts at the Shit 24/7 site.. Every single one of them are the truth as well. Nothing has been altered or edited. Its not a site related to NoPayPOKER yet you still continue to punish those who use their god given rights of freedom of speech. Even from sites that are not linked with NPP. Well sorry if the truth hurts.. but the material there comes straight from NPP itself. You act as though its insulting and inflammatory.. yet every single thing came directly from NPP lobby. loooool

I'm sorry I find this all too funny and juvenile. I have not ONCE regretted what I said or how I handled the situation. I was the target of lies, gossip in a mod chat room. Only one mod stepped up and defended truth and how wrong it was what they were doing and saying. You were given the exact chat... yet chose to allow Grace and my accounts get closed. What should have happened was the mods who did such deplorable things be admonished, chatbanned, removed as moderators and closed.

But u condone cheating and u condone lying and gossip by ur moderators. The fact you did any of this shows u don't care one 1/2 cent about NPP Players, u ONLY care about clicking ads.

Well thanks again for your reply. I am sure everyone will be happy to know that you keep up to date of the going-ons at Shit 24/7. At least u eventually read the truth.

Have a great day.



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PostSubject: a minor correction   Wed Aug 03, 2011 2:52 am

The above post was well written, to the point, and exposed a number of failings at NPP. However, since I'm not in favor of lies or lying, a few minor corrections need to be made.

'Vadnais' was a house account only to the extent that it supported the then named 'Vadnais BC Bounty 500 Freeroll' games (now called the Pippy Bounty games). And, Gurovolt, to the very best of my knowledge, is an extremely large seller of FreeD's on the Player Exchange. Thus, in that I have sold a great many FreeD's there myself, I know full well that when you sell FreeD's the NPP software treats the 'sold' FreeD's as 'never being won'.

The 'D_M_Vadnais' lifetime FreeD earnings balance would be approximately 550K if all the winnings had been properly recorded.

And, for the 44th time, I offer my sincere apologies for a judgement mistake made by a member of my household. However, that was not Duane's reason for his rant posts.

His real reason is that he hated the fact that I always said to him that I was paid a ton of money to write, and that he was paid 'zipshit' to be an 'asshole'.

Where, I believe, that the 'asshole' part didn't bother him, it was the nickname his parents gave him as a child. The 'zipshit' part, however, really bothered him; his "use your spouse as a punching bag" shrink began calling him that name during his very 1st session....Duane hasn't gotten over it yet. The sessions aren't helping.

Last edited by D_M_Vadnais on Wed Aug 03, 2011 6:10 am; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: SUPPORT LOVES SHIT 24/7 TOO... LMAOOOOOO   Wed Aug 03, 2011 6:07 am

WHOAAAAAAAAAAA LMAO Very Happy gr8 info Schatzi- wow unbelievable huh!

D_M_Vadnais wrote:

And, for the 44th time, I offer my sincere apologies for a judgement mistake made by a member of my household. However, that was not Duane's reason for his rant posts.

His real reason is that he hated the fact that I always said to him that I was paid a ton of money to write, and that he was paid 'zipshit' to be an 'asshole'.

Yes you did DM but that wasn't what they wanted, they wanted you GONE because they felt threatened by your INTELLIGENCE, pure JEALOUSY on their part, Period!
LOL DM- IF Carol or Doooane are jealous of you (especially if you tell THEM like it is), it's just a matter of time b4 they LIE to make you out to be a bad person- I am flattered they chose me

OMG DM I still laugh when I think about the time DOOK attacked me on skype when he saw this @ npp blog site:"Copyright ©️ 2010 NoPayPOKER Blog All rights reserved. Amazing Grace theme by Vladimir Prelovac."
( - scroll to the bottom) LMAO THEY thought I was doing something on the SIDE with MT, without THEIR knowledge, afraid I would tell their dirty lil secrets (like I said JEALOUSY)

OHHHH BTW, Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: SUPPORT LOVES SHIT 24/7 TOO... LMAOOOOOO   Wed Aug 03, 2011 9:50 am

Indeed Grace.... was quite enlightening and so entertaining. loooool.

I do want to make one comment... From what I understand, Guruvolt rarely sells through the exchange. He occasionally sells through his yahoo though. Astral is the player who sells extensively thru the exchange at NPP.

But what is suspicious and leads me to believe Guruvolt has special privileges at NPP is the fact that he has won thousands upon thousands of freeds on a given day and his rank is always N/A. This does not happen to any other players there. I am not talking about this happening infrequently, it has been happening consistently for well over 1-1/2 years.

Again, with a few players having "house accounts", this makes a good argument that NPP is deceiving players and allowing a few special privileged accounts. In my eyes, that is a form of cheating, when the house has the advantage.

I do understand DM's reasons for having the account he did... but there seems to be a lot more there that the sole purpose is to tilt the advantage to NPP, not to its trusting, deceived players.
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PostSubject: Re: SUPPORT LOVES SHIT 24/7 TOO... LMAOOOOOO   Thu Aug 18, 2011 8:33 pm

As we all know... Guruvolt seems to have an endless winning streak at NPP, yet never ever gains a rank. As I surmised above.. I do believe he has a house account despite the denials.

How in the world can anyone win 24k in one nite, AGAIN, and still remain the rank of N/A on the table and (0) in the lobby. Below is him "gloating" how he won 24K and now 2 days later remains a "0" ranked player.

Anyone else who wins, even say 2K in freeds, will ALWAYS see their rank jump to champion. But not this house player. He wins tens of thousands and remains a ZERO.

Tends to prove once again what I stated earlier and have suspected for a very long time.

<GURUVOLT(0)>622395 tyastralfreebie-SnG 0/25 - Registering -
<YehRightOK(MOD - 7)>622372 $5000 FreeD Weekly Qualifier 9/10 - Registering -
<kamraladympr(MOD DJ - 166)>pre qualifier or qualifier
<GURUVOLT(0)>622395 tyastralfreebie-SnG 0/25 - Registering - in pvt 1000 added
<kamraladympr(MOD DJ - 166)>ok need to play qualifier now
<YehRightOK(MOD - 7)>622176 $20000 Monthly Qualifier 4/10 - Registering -
<justwannabme(932)>be fun bam,ty to you n astral
<YehRightOK(MOD - 7)>lol
<YehRightOK(MOD - 7)>wasnt astral's idea

<tonton4159(263)>how and where
<GURUVOLT(0)>thank him he donated 24k to me
<YehRightOK(MOD - 7)>dont think he was willing participant in the eviction of his chippies to bam

<toots249(10)>wow nice
<justwannabme(932)>well,my guess is he paid for it,lol
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