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 Tatt DEMANDS her FreeDs Back

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PostSubject: Tatt DEMANDS her FreeDs Back   Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:33 pm

Since when in the poker world do we get to have our money, or in this case freeds, back after we have lost.

YehRightOK aka Tatt... is the biggest whiner, crier, and bitch when she loses. I have seen on countless occasions when she has bitched someone out for playing crap cards and donking her. On yahoo she constantly bitched about "Snotty Noty" as she called him or Guruvolt aka Bam how they always broke her ass. And once again, she is at it again.. If I were Guruvolt I wouldn't bother to log yahoo, even if he is a house player.

Too funny to pass up though:

--------New Hand (Number:45163630) ----------
Dealing flop cards [Th,Ad,8h]
YehRightOK has cards [7c,8s]
GURUVOLT has cards [9c,As]
Dealing turn card 4d
Dealing river card 9d
GURUVOLT has Two Pair, Aces and Nines
GURUVOLT wins $410
--------New Hand (Number:45163665) ----------
<YehRightOK> u gonna owe me ur whole bank bam
Dealing flop cards [9h,8d,Ad]
<YehRightOK> best start sending now

POPCORNpoker has cards [Ac,7c]
GURUVOLT has cards [Ts,Jd]
Dealing turn card Qc
Dealing river card 3s
GURUVOLT has a Queen High Straight
GURUVOLT wins $780

Now notice she obviously called an all in with 78 os... and she whines cuz she loses?
How pathetic and greedy... Demands he start sending.

--------New Hand (Number:45164959) ----------
<YehRightOK> lets see if short stacks win
Dealing flop cards [Qh,Kc,5d]
YehRightOK has cards [Qs,Ad]
Pot_Croc has cards [Kd,Qd]
MyHeart4You has cards [Ts,Th]
<daveo74> lol
Dealing turn card 6c
Dealing river card Tc
MyHeart4You has Three of a Kind, Tens
MyHeart4You wins $1240
$620 chips returned to Pot_Croc
--------New Hand (Number:45164980) ----------
<YehRightOK> nh
<astral511> g1
<Pot_Croc> g1
<YehRightOK> see ur theory is wrong wrong wrong
<MyHeart4You> ty
<daveo74> lol
<YehRightOK> gl lost enuf bam u got a love note on hoo

I wouldn't be logging my "hoo"... lmfaooooo

Dumbass needs to take her losses. Its poker... not I'm gonna play like an idiot and when I lose I'm gonna behave like a 5 year old and demand my "chippies" back.

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PostSubject: Re: Tatt DEMANDS her FreeDs Back   Wed Aug 03, 2011 9:57 am

Tatt loves running that mouth don't she LOLOL Laughing
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Tatt DEMANDS her FreeDs Back
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