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 No Conversational Chat Allowed in NPP Lobby

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No Conversational Chat Allowed in NPP Lobby Empty
PostSubject: No Conversational Chat Allowed in NPP Lobby   No Conversational Chat Allowed in NPP Lobby I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 08, 2011 10:38 am

Just when you think nothing new can surprise ya at NPP, WHAM!!!! Surprise Surpise! Apparently, you can no longer carry on a conversation, or at least some people can't, in the lobby chat area of NPP according to Bonebag.

Now considering it is called Lobby Chat... my question is what the hell else is it for? Considering very few people actually ask for help anymore.. and the lobby has been used to converse for years... why have it at all?

The following lobby chat from last nite seemed to be a normal conversation, no one was asking for help, so that couldn't have been the problem... yet "they were told". Truly unbelievable.

Btw... I realize this chat is long, but it proves you just can't have a normal conversation in the lobby without being told to go to a "messenger service".

<BrettLee(928)>she got operation just in case, but her kidneys getting better
<RUSTY2WIN(952)>hi all
<vmoney(108)>that's awesome
<kimbaone(925)>hiya rustyy gl hun
<BrettLee(928)>wewr 21 % last yr, now there up to 30%
<vmoney(108)>hiya rusty
<vmoney(108)>well somethings workin right
<RUSTY2WIN(952)>hiya v n all
<ICU84ACES(980)>gh chip
<kimbaone(925)>how the new job rusty
<ICU84ACES(980)>gl 2 u
<BrettLee(928)>changed some meds amd i'm making her eat and drink cranberry juice more
<RUSTY2WIN(952)>cant play gotta go bed soon be racking my brain in morning in school
<YehRightOK(MOD - 12)>hi rusty
<vmoney(108)>well it's working
<BrettLee(928)>was going celebrate out b/ds together V, It been that long since i seen ya,lol
<RUSTY2WIN(952)>hiya bret
<vmoney(108)>yeah we 'll have to this yr coming
<BrettLee(928)>hi tim, you up here?
<BrettLee(928)>you 13 V, hehe
<vmoney(108)>yeah an old lady 13 lol
<Grasshobba(857)>u not trying to sneak my butler away from me are u v?
<vmoney(108)>ut oh ummmmmmm no I would never wink wink
<vmoney(108)>hiya hobbaaaaaaaaaaa
<RUSTY2WIN(952)>going bed tho ill be in school
<kimbaone(925)>.hiya hobbaa gl hun
<Grasshobba(857)>hi ya xxxxx
<Grasshobba(857)>hi ya kkimmmmmm
<Grasshobba(857)>hi ya my butlerrrrrr
<YehRightOK(MOD - 12)>hi ya hobbsssss
<RUSTY2WIN(952)>i didnt get a hi hun
<vmoney(108)>brett n i gonna celebrate our birthdays together
<Grasshobba(857)>smooch my bookworm,,lol
<Grasshobba(857)>hi ya tatt gl
<YehRightOK(MOD - 12)>u2
<Grasshobba(857)>cool when is that?
<vmoney(108)>he's march1st ya no
<cramer54(894)>congrats on ticket pip
<Grasshobba(857)>oh no i didnt know that
<vmoney(108)>oh oops
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 996)>ty gg
<RUSTY2WIN(952)>6/8 better
<Grasshobba(857)>mine next mth
<vmoney(108)>well it's close enough we can party
<RUSTY2WIN(952)>gna n gl
<YehRightOK(MOD - 12)>tc rusty gl tomorrow
<BrettLee(928)>nite tim, hit da books ya geek
<Grasshobba(857)>gn hun
<kimbaone(925)>gn rusty
<vmoney(108)>gn rusty have fun tomarrow n gl
<Grasshobba(857)>lolol geek
<Grasshobba(857)>least i said bookworm
<RUSTY2WIN(952)>he's ur butler
<Grasshobba(857)>i know i send him out on chores
<Grasshobba(857)>hes getting bit unruley
<RUSTY2WIN(952)>dam been called a geek better frame dat lol
<Grasshobba(857)>first time for everything huh
<vmoney(108)>brett you come here I save ya
<YehRightOK(MOD - 12)>617514 $100 Freeroll 33/200 - Registering 2011-08-08 03:30
<Grasshobba(857)>oh no u dont v ,,,i c what u up to
<Grasshobba(857)>she wants her own butler i think
<vmoney(108)>hmmmm what u see
<Grasshobba(857)>cant have mine i been trainning him for yrs
<BrettLee(928)>V used to serve others herself
<RUSTY2WIN(952)>but buter when u gonna catch my 952 you no poker geek
<kimbaone(925)>the time me go onto dialysis gl ev 1
<vmoney(108)>yeah this is true but be nice to have 1 serve me for a change
<BrettLee(928)>later KIm tc
<Grasshobba(857)>tc kimmm hb
<vmoney(108)>tc kim
<nitaoshi(758)>tc kim
<RUSTY2WIN(952)>\tc kim
<RUSTY2WIN(952)>928 lmao
<kimbaone(925)> yeah 4 hours hobba bye ty
<Grasshobba(857)>my butler speaks almost fluent aussie u know v
<vmoney(108)>I can break him of that lol
<Grasshobba(857)>and almost understands what hes trying to say
<Grasshobba(857)>nooooo i been trainning him for yrs
<BrettLee(928)>hey i more of a pom m'lady
<axlrtr7777777(129)>wat up all
<Grasshobba(857)>yes a pom that almost understands fluent aussie
<BrettLee(928)>peeps understand me
<vmoney(108)>oh dear he's gonna need lots of work i see
<BrettLee(928)>don't all men, hehe
<YehRightOK(MOD - 12)>617517 $200 Freeroll 21/200 - Registering 2011-08-08 04:00
<vmoney(108)>yep those words r so true
<BrettLee(928)>you know what they say about old dogs
<RUSTY2WIN(952)>only bad thing on da butler tho i9s he dam lions fan
<Grasshobba(857)>let em lay?
<cjmajor25(978)>pippy, you away in 500
<fingers (984)>1 min 617514 $100 Freeroll 39/200 - Registering 2011-08-08 03:30
<Grasshobba(857)>if u sleep with em u end up with fleas?
<BrettLee(928)>young man get to bed
<vmoney(108)>hahaha n no new tricks dang it
<RUSTY2WIN(952)>i am young
<BrettLee(928)>younger than me, which isn't sayin much,lol
<MustangMan(33)>hi hobba gl
<bonebag(MOD - 922)>While this is a caht lobby if you have that much to say to one another I suggest you try an Instant Messenger service Smile
<Grasshobba(857)>u older than tim brett?
<MustangMan(33)>hii bones
<BrettLee(928)>ty bone, np
<vmoney(108)>woooooooooohooooooooooo Bones is here
<Grasshobba(857)>well there my hint bye all
<kamraladympr(MOD DJ - 176)> If you need to reply more than once to support on a certain topic, please respond with same tkt, just makes it easier & faster for support to respond, ty!
<vmoney(108)>wow so we cant chat

<YehRightOK(MOD - 12)>hey bones
<MustangMan(33)>hi tatt
<bonebag(MOD - 922)>howdy Tatt
<fingers (984)>no i have support talking to the owners about what they are satubg
<YehRightOK(MOD - 12)>hey mm again
<vmoney(108)>he made it for players to chat
<fingers (984)>about
<MustangMan(33)>my brain forgets tatt
<vmoney(108)>I'll talk to him
<fingers (984)>will know soon
<BrettLee(928)>i would give my opinion v, but this isn't america
<vmoney(108)>well it was
<vmoney(108)>he made it for players

<RUSTY2WIN(952)>use im peeps lolo
<YehRightOK(MOD - 12)>618162 Champions Qualifier 8/10 - Registering -
<YehRightOK(MOD - 12)>618092 $20000 Monthly Qualifier 8/10 - Registering -
<vmoney(108)>no wonder i told so wonderful
<MustangMan(33)>hi rusty gl
<fingers (984)>pip are u here
<YehRightOK(MOD - 12)>think pips went to bed
<fingers (984)>k ty
<vmoney(108)>oh see
<MustangMan(33)>hi fing gl
<fingers (984)>hi stang txxx had a bit today lol
<donna51058(Cool>hi mm gl
<SIZZLE1023(679)>gg jjmmx
<vmoney(108)>kami I remember back in the day this was fun
<donna51058(Cool>agree v
<MustangMan(33)>hi donna gl
<toots249(20)>donna Smile gl hun
<fingers (984)>lol kamm keeps posting the rules i keep checking dont change much
<donna51058(Cool>hi toots gl ty mm
<kamraladympr(MOD DJ - 176)>rules not changed since i been here
<fingers (984)>yeah some have
<lorrod(27)>gm all gl
<vmoney(108)>lobby no chat zone or what?

<MustangMan(33)>hi cj gl
<cjmajor25(978)>hey mm
<MustangMan(33)>617661 cindymaes bounty -SnG 4/15 - Registering -
<Grasshobba(857)>to welcome peeps to be quiet i guess,,lol
<Grasshobba(857)>and i tidied that up,,lol
<kamraladympr(MOD DJ - 176)>drop it n move on geesh complain to support
<Grasshobba(857)>yw ty
<kamraladympr(MOD DJ - 176)>owner 1 who changes em he owns site

<vmoney(108)>fingers where r ya
<YehRightOK(MOD - 12)>618190 $5000 FreeD Weekly Qualifier 6/10 - Registering -
<BrettLee(928)>you on Fb V?
<vmoney(108)>yeah i am
<vmoney(108)>you on it
<BrettLee(928)>i got on there last dec
<kamraladympr(MOD DJ - 176)>as always
<vmoney(108)>lol well cant chat in lobby
<vmoney(108)>why bother
<kamraladympr(MOD DJ - 176)>she luvssss bug pics
<BrettLee(928)>i found rule on that
<fingers (984)>>
<vmoney(108)>ewwwwwwwwwwww they are scarey
<fingers (984)>opps?
<vmoney(108)>I dont know how ya do it
<vmoney(108)>oh ok so u be over der huh>>>>>>>>>>>>

Now read the posted topic from this mornings chat... All's I can say is huh!
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No Conversational Chat Allowed in NPP Lobby Empty
PostSubject: Re: No Conversational Chat Allowed in NPP Lobby   No Conversational Chat Allowed in NPP Lobby I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 18, 2011 8:22 pm

How about the load of BS (pasted below) from Bonebag trying to "explain" HIS reasons for limited chat for some in the NPP lobby.

I for one say... take that load of hot air.. and blow it towards the mods. Especially the one and only Wolf.. who is constantly whining and crying cuz his wife is gone, how he can't do this, can't do that.. he has MS, on and on. Yeah we all have our problems in life.. who the heck wants to see someone spilling it in a poker lobby constantly. Grow the heck up!

The lobby chat was meant for players to interact, have fun, and yes help people who may need it. Most of the time.. its the mod squad talking out their behinds and greedily manipulating the chat.

For the times someone asks a question.. if the mod is doing their job... they shouldn't miss a thing. Hence, the reason they are their.. duh!

Too Much Chat???

Date Aug. 10th 11:36 PM Icon 57 Date 2

In the past few days I have posted this blurb in the lobby: While this lobby is for chat, please do NOT treat it as your personal messenger service. If you have that much to say to each other please take it to a Instant Messenger service of your choosing.

And, as pretty much expected, I got a lot of grumbling and complaints. Some players have even taken the time to ticket Support about this issue. I know full well that it IS a chat lobby, for players to chat in. It is NOT, however, a place to try and control the chat by two or three players. So, here is my logic, take it or keep grumbling, choice is yours smile

What I concern myself with is the lobby chat and how 2 or 3 players can talk so much that a player will not bother asking a question or, worse, ask a question and have it ignored because the Mod on duty never saw the question.I know this seems outrageous perhaps to most players here but think back to when you were a brand new player, unfamiliar with the site and/or all the rules.

Many times I have been in the lobby both as a player and now as a Mod and have seen people chatting away like they believe they are the only people allowed to talk. I have seen players ask questions that have been lost in the shuffle of chat and the question was not seen by a Mod so therefore was not answered. This is not acceptable. I do watch the lobby even when I am not on my shift and I do like to give the Mods on duty a chance to see the question before I jump in. Of course, if I know that the Mod is busy with something else I may jump in right away but I try not to. I think all the Mods do enough hours in the course of a day already and I do not expect any of them to live in that lobby.

Please, if a Mod tells you that you are trying to control the chat lobby, take a deep breath, kick back and let someone else talk. If you have so much to say to one other player I strongly suggest that you take it elsewhere, like Skype. There you can talk until you are blue in the face and no one will care but you smile

Remember, nopay is supposed to be a fun place. It is not fun if you need help and cannot get help in that chat lobby.


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Date Aug. 12th 09:58 AM

Although I have never had the need to post in the lobby, I have watched it before and I agree with you. I have seen questions go unanswered and wondered if anyone looks up from their keyboard long enough to read anything not pertaining to their own conversation. As you said, the lobby is for CHAT. It's not for 5 hour conversations on the weather.


Date Aug. 18th 06:42 PM

its ok if everyone gets told but alas only a few do

Well said Giffer... exactly how it should be if they are gonna be that retarded about the lobby chat.
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PostSubject: Re: No Conversational Chat Allowed in NPP Lobby   No Conversational Chat Allowed in NPP Lobby I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 18, 2011 8:49 pm

thats a big load of shit be TRUTHFUL FFS, its favoritisum and double standards, THE mods still know how to scroll don't they.... they are there to keep the peace, not to start shit when NO 1's breaking the rules. is that all u could think up bones? Let ppl chat its a chat lobby if ur mods cant keep up with it get better mods ffs.your excuses are SHIT lol, THANKS 4 the good laff,u will end up like hottie hiding,(like u do here) do u think before u type? write some more stupid ass blurbs, we enjoy them LOL, I look forward to the leaks sending the chat to us, ur plumber is as good as hotties lawyers are getting me to stop the SHIT...LOOOOOOOOL
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PostSubject: Re: No Conversational Chat Allowed in NPP Lobby   No Conversational Chat Allowed in NPP Lobby I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 19, 2011 6:22 pm

total utter bull i never stopped anyone talkin and hardly ever missed a new playuer question its not all about the mods its about the people who make money for tanaka etc and its about time they woke up to this

we have had some bloody good mods who were fair and consistent G cuppy badbeat giffer where r they now

run out of town is where so come on mike i know ureaing this wise up m8
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PostSubject: Re: No Conversational Chat Allowed in NPP Lobby   No Conversational Chat Allowed in NPP Lobby I_icon_minitime

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No Conversational Chat Allowed in NPP Lobby
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