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 Chatting Not Allowed In NPP Lobby UNLESS You Are Wolfsbite

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Chatting Not Allowed In NPP Lobby UNLESS You Are Wolfsbite Empty
PostSubject: Chatting Not Allowed In NPP Lobby UNLESS You Are Wolfsbite   Chatting Not Allowed In NPP Lobby UNLESS You Are Wolfsbite I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 08, 2011 10:51 am

Now read this morning's lobby chat.... the one and only Wolf went on and on and on... which shoulda been stopped because he chatted too long, whined too much, and ignored poker questions. Where was Bonebag to tell them all to use a messenger service?

Whats wrong with this chat? Well.. Wolf being his usual perverted self, players asked for help and Wolf completely ignored them. Belle and Wolf made comments about how bad NPP Support is. Two players asked to change the subject, and that was even ignored. Wolf goes on and on about his messed up life and his WIFE gave him an ultimatum. Well... get the heck off the internet and go be with your wife u dumbass.

<juliebobs177(760)>no wolfy ur a snogger
<chiptrouble(976)>hi julie hugs
You have 2 messages.
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 19)>no he just kisses lol
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)><----------------- bites bells arm
<juliebobs177(760)>hi chip
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 19)>oh
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 19)>and bites
<MysticBlus(15)>gm julie
<chiptrouble(976)>hi sexy hugs
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 19)>hi chippy xx hugs Smile
<juliebobs177(760)>hi mystic
<chiptrouble(976)>618318 Gio-AllinorFold--SnG 5/7 - Registering -
<belle8253(10)>watched dr quin medicine woman today wolf bit girls arm girl got rabies died:(
<MysticBlus(15)>when you finished hugging your arm will hurt
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>ok yall im going to that corner dere >>>>>>>>>>>>. stay away
<chiptrouble(976)>the pain worth it lol u funny
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>only 1 special some1 allowed there
<belle8253(10)>lol follow the yellow brick road lalalala
<belle8253(10)>sf off you go lol we look after lobby

<juliebobs177(760)>lmao belle
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>lol belle
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 19)>me ? you the one he biting lol
<juliebobs177(760)>belle in charge of lobby! lord help us
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>that cuz she tried to hug me
<belle8253(10)>but I got ugly feet
<belle8253(10)>lol julie you can anything you like jsut no shouting
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 19)>he dont care about your feet lol
<doppie43(57)>feet 's a mod they will just let anyone
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>yall ever hear the saying beauty is only skin deep
<juliebobs177(760)>i never shout
<juliebobs177(760)>only ay my kids
<doppie43(57)>hi feet gl hun
<juliebobs177(760)>so true wolfy
<juliebobs177(760)>oppie hun gl
<doppie43(57)>hi julie gl
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 19)>hi oppie gl Smile
<doppie43(57)>hi wolie
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>hi oppie
<doppie43(57)>feet u now i was playing right dont want the boot
<juliebobs177(760)>wolfy can i ask why when i wanted to donate some freeds to a friend
<donna51058(Cool>congrats SF on beiong mod gl Smile
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 19)>tu donna Smile
<juliebobs177(760)>did it say only 10% yet the amount it allowed me was only 5%

<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>gm donna
<doppie43(57)>ah they let anyone
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 19)>ok oppie Smile lol
<MysticBlus(15)>is it oppie or doppie?
<donna51058(Cool>gm wolf gl
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 19)>gg chippy
<chiptrouble(976)>nh n gl
<doppie43(57)>plkay with snake gona get bit
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so not commenting
<doppie43(57)>i know wolfie me and bones talked about this
<doppie43(57)>no nukes no nukes
<bobo988(90)>e gula a kiute muertuy
<Rockstaratlarge(962)>morning Sexy... does clicking on ads help to get u in the sponsor toruney?
<juliebobs177(760)>english only bobo
<doppie43(57)>oppie to my friends mystic
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>nope u have to do offers above next to withdraw^^^^^^
<Rockstaratlarge(962)>ok thanks
<Rockstaratlarge(962)>how many do you do??
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>25 freeds worth
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>u have to do the math as they pay out in usd
<doppie43(57)>toots my dear how are you hun
<Rockstaratlarge(962)>ok... sounds simple enough
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>yw
<doppie43(57)>let me know how it works out dare rockstar nice to meet you
<doppie43(57)>and gl
<doppie43(57)>how u been mr wolfie i hope well
<toots249(20)>awww rats...hi oopie mauh
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>lol well my life is 1 big !#@#ing mess right now .............. but thx for askin
<doppie43(57)>wow mmmmuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<toots249(20)>aww wolfie xoxoxo
<toots249(20)><-----bad headache
<doppie43(57)>thats for toots wolfie not u
<belle8253(10)>hi oppe gl xx
<toots249(20)>i was 1 away from 20k ticket, now i gotta start over, froze up
<doppie43(57)>hi belle
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>awwwwwwwwwwwwww cmon
<JJJMMX(761)>i won a ticket
<toots249(20)>his kisses are wet watch out lol
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 19)>gg taz
<toots249(20)>ya i know, comppliments of me jjj lol
<doppie43(57)>mmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wolfie special
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>lmfao
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 19)>gg belle
<toots249(20)>i will get one, got a while to do it
<toots249(20)>after i had to reboot i was all flustered
<JJJMMX(761)>i will try now 5000
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>i dunno why i trying to get tickets dont know if i be here to play game
<belle8253(10)>pass them over to me wolf
<toots249(20)>can only see out of 1 eye but cant close poker lol
<doppie43(57)>toots add slow or freeze so click all your adds then clear cookies then play hope it helps that what i do
<toots249(20)>i did, idk why it froze. sometimes when hand is won, it freezes on me
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>me 2 oppie
<flyersfan16(44)>wolf is that pw for mods for next weeks?
<flyersfan16(44)>i tried it says badpassword

<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>i hate when i get the program isnt responding
<toots249(20)>i have bad internet connection out here in nowhereville
<donna51058(Cool>same here toots
<toots249(20)>last night 4 games, son booted laptop n we both froze
<toots249(20)>i made him log off lol
<doppie43(57)>i cant tell u how many times i was chip leader with 5 or 6 people left and freeze not be able to get back up and loss it happens
<toots249(20)>yep. gm donna gl Smile
<donna51058(Cool>gm toots gl Smile
<nitaoshi(758)>sorry toots :-(
<doppie43(57)>donna hi hun
<toots249(20)>its ok luv, glad u got ticket
<donna51058(Cool>hi oppie gl Smile
<toots249(20)>the reboot threw me off my game
<doppie43(57)>hey jimbo,zuesss
<nitaoshi(758)>hi donna and oppie gl
<MysticBlus(15)>i don't see oppie here
<JJJMMX(761)>we can see the tournaments hours?
<toots249(20)>what do u mean jjj?
<doppie43(57)>what do u see
<donna51058(Cool>mystic his name is doppie but prefers oppie lol
<doppie43(57)>nit gl
<JJJMMX(761)>if we have another way to see
<doppie43(57)>my friends call me oppie
<MysticBlus(15)>well there is an oppie also
<JJJMMX(761)>the tournaments
<toots249(20)>under my games if you have a ticket
<MysticBlus(15)>toots for mod
<JJJMMX(761)>the tournaments are regular?
<toots249(20)>or click Resources up top and see Tournament Schedule
<JJJMMX(761)>at same time every days?
<doppie43(57)>there was an oppie when i loged in the first time so i added a d
<MysticBlus(15)>oh ok
<toots249(20)>every 30 minutes for freerolls of different kinds
<JJJMMX(761)>toots thx
<MysticBlus(15)>apply for a mod job toots
<doppie43(57)>2 years ago i never see dis oppie you speak of
<JJJMMX(761)>you deserve it
<toots249(20)>lol oppie
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>lol
<toots249(20)>no, just helping a friend who is new
<doppie43(57)>shes my mod anyway guys back off
<toots249(20)>ya right lol
<flyersfan16(44)>wolf u see my question?
<JJJMMX(761)>i can transfere a ticket to a friend?
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>no chat going to fast
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>no jjj u cant
<flyersfan16(44)>mods pw for start of next weeks
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>fly u have been sent pw 4 mods league
<flyersfan16(44)>it says bad pw when i tried to enter
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>this week
<juliebobs177(760)>yes going faster than henry 8 divorce papers lol
<toots249(20)>ss fly, didnt see it either or woulda stopped chatting
<flyersfan16(44)>it says bad pw try again
<tucker(155)>gg sexyfeet
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>!#@# they changed it then ................. brb checkin my email

<flyersfan16(44)>loooool ok
<nitaoshi(758)>toots did you get a responds from support?
<doppie43(57)>sexy feet congrads i was playing ok happy for ya
<toots249(20)>sent 2x in last 2 weeks
<toots249(20)>sent 2nd only today tho
<donna51058(Cool>hi chip gl
<nitaoshi(758)>i can not send you even message from myspace now unless i answer one of yours
<toots249(20)>bossy chip lol
<toots249(20)>really? weird. conspiracy i tell ya lol
<belle8253(10)>support would do well to take lessons from our mods in efficiency lol
<JJJMMX(761)>im so happy to find this site
<donna51058(Cool>yeah toots thats the way he rolls lol
<chiptrouble(976)>hi donna gl 2u 2day
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>!#@# just great they changed the pw n never gave it to me
<donna51058(Cool>ty hun Smile
<flyersfan16(44)>lol ok
<flyersfan16(44)>did u try it
<flyersfan16(44)>get same thing
<belle8253(10)>hi donna gl
<donna51058(Cool>hiya belle gl
<doppie43(57)>brb got run get some hay for my horse
<donna51058(Cool>wolf when u get new pw plz send to me ty
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>i will when i get
<donna51058(Cool>ok tyvm
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>god know when that will be

<donna51058(Cool>uh huh
<juliebobs177(760)>hi donna gl
<donna51058(Cool>hi julie gl hun
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>and i going away tonite .............. so idk when ill be back online
<donna51058(Cool>can someone else send them out for ya?
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>idk
<toots249(20)>we will miss u wolfie:(
<donna51058(Cool>hope u have a good time
<belle8253(10)>we'll miss u wolf:(
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>i be checking my email
<donna51058(Cool>ok ty
<doppie43(57)>were u going wolfie
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>no yall wont ................. i never be missed
<doppie43(57)>i was still lurking
<donna51058(Cool>yes u r
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>house hunting 500 miles away

<shadyking999(0)>any 1 wants to play 5$ heads up?
<juliebobs177(760)>o yes u will
<doppie43(57)>putting my shoes on lurking
<toots249(20)>we lub you wolfie
<donna51058(Cool>we need to agree to disagree on that wolf Smile u r missed
<shadyking999(0)>can any1 please tell me how to erase a game and create a new 1
<doppie43(57)>take u r freeking lap top wolfie
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 19)>you can not erase it
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>ticket support to kill it
<doppie43(57)>see cant live with out da wolfie
<MysticBlus(15)>he bites
<doppie43(57)>and gots 2 rows of teeth
<juliebobs177(760)>well we could but wouldnt be a nice place oppie
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>well when im gone from site it wont take long till u find some1 new
<toots249(20)>nope ur irreplaceable
<donna51058(Cool>dont leave us Sad
<MysticBlus(15)>you not going anywhere
<doppie43(57)>wolf take you lap top
<toots249(20)>how long are we atlkin here wolf? weeks?
<chiptrouble(976)>we adjust fast wolf, lol
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>supposed to be days but
<MysticBlus(15)>he will be back
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>just dunno
<doppie43(57)>new pair of boots on sexy feet
<toots249(20)>well hb
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>may sell freeds and be done
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 19)>nope i barefoot lol
<juliebobs177(760)>no dont wolfy plz
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 19)>why bbw ??
<chiptrouble(976)>sell dam just send lol
<donna51058(Cool>plz dont do that wolf just take a break plz
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 19)>never mind get on skype
<toots249(20)>nooo wolfieeeeee
<juliebobs177(760)>wolfy us true friends will rly miss u
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>i never left skype
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 19)>i did to reboot
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>nahhhhhhhh may be for the better if i not here
<DawnHasAces(926)>618305 75 ALL IN OR FOLD-SnG 3/7 - Registering -
<only1dani(26)>hope u find the perfect house wolf , when u do we expect you back, freeds intact
<chiptrouble(976)>wolf you got these ladies hypnotized lmao
<juliebobs177(760)>now ur talking out ya ass
<toots249(20)>Sad dont say that wolfie
<MysticBlus(15)>shush wolfie'
<nitaoshi(758)>wolf your an excellant mod and a great player
<only1dani(26)>he will bb, he knows we lub him
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>lol ................. accoridng to some im a useless mod

<donna51058(Cool>do whats best for u wolf Wolf u r one of the best
<only1dani(26)>well those dont count so ignore them
<nitaoshi(758)>i disagree
<donna51058(Cool>agree dani
<toots249(20)>i agree too, ur one of the best and favs
<kategray(969)>Why are you wanting to leave Wolf? You have been a terrific mod.
<chiptrouble(976)>hi dani, hugs n gl
<juliebobs177(760)>ur one of the nicest mods
<MysticBlus(15)>let the players decide wolfie you the best to me
<only1dani(26)>hi chip ty u2 n hugs
<nitaoshi(758)>with who ever thinks you are not a good mod
<toots249(20)>i mean disagree with them... lol
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>like i said my life a !#@#ing mess right now
<nitaoshi(758)>is wrong
<toots249(20)>but we still lo9ve you wolfie
<donna51058(Cool>sorry wolf hope it gets better
<tucker(155)>618305 75 allinorfold 3?
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>dont know if it will
<MysticBlus(15)>think positive wolfie
<toots249(20)>i hope things get better luv
<belle8253(10)>all the mods are nice but wolf tolerates us sometimes when others wouldn't lol

it's all about the right balance and wolf has it

<juliebobs177(760)>look at it this way wolfy, the only way is up
<nitaoshi(758)>well good luck and hope things get better for you
<only1dani(26)>it will, u need to believe that, do what u need to do to make it right
<donna51058(Cool>yep belle
<belle8253(10)>wolf with our thoughts and prayers and good wishes you will take the correct path xx
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>well lets see my 4th of july present from wife ................ she not

moving back from WV to PA

<DawnHasAces(926)>618305 75 ALL IN OR FOLD-SnG 4/7 - Registering -
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>and i dunno if i wanna leave
<toots249(20)>the shepherds guide the sheep with staff they dont beat em with it lol, ur a good

<belle8253(10)>well now that's easily solved
<only1dani(26)>so go after her and uve been talking bout moving for long time
<only1dani(26)>so move, its just a place...home is with her
<belle8253(10)>divorce her I'm getting bathing cossy on as we speak
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>i have been on MY terms ................... not an ultimatum
<belle8253(10)>marry me wolf and hurry cos if I stay on 1 knee any longer it will need a crane to

lift me up
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>belle it mat come to tat
<juliebobs177(760)>we all have to make compromises in life
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>lol belle
<donna51058(Cool>thats sad wolf took me yrs to get husband to move but i stayed where he was
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>i dont like being told what to do .................... never have
<belle8253(10)>but julie it has to be a two way not one take take take and other just give
<only1dani(26)>go see her wolf, then go from there
<juliebobs177(760)>no ur right belle
<donna51058(Cool>agree dani
<juliebobs177(760)>a relationship has to be 50 50
<only1dani(26)>thats true belle but i believe unless there is abuse doing what u can to save a

<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>i have 2 times ............... first timne she was coming back even sent !#@#

home wif me .............. then boom was back to not leavin

<nitaoshi(758)>your rt there belle
<MysticBlus(15)>my advice to you is to do what you think is best for you and your health
<nitaoshi(758)>i agree mystic
<belle8253(10)>guys daughter doin family tree and she slipped into convo that my bully of an ex who

broke every bone in my body died in '99. I wasn't sad I was freakin mad that I feared that knock on

the door all these years
<chiptrouble(976)> ok enough of this as the world turns lmmfao
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>lol mystic ................... i wont do that
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>easy way out of life .............. and im here just to !#@#a god off
<MysticBlus(15)>chippy is right
<belle8253(10)>well I was stayin around to haunt my ex and the "b" beat me to it:(
<toots249(20)>on no belle, awful. glad u dont have to worry anymore
<only1dani(26)>wolf, from things u said i got impression u were close to ur dad, if so , u need

someone to talk to and he may be good person for that
<belle8253(10)>still a shock toot daughter said she didn't think I'd be interested lol
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>parents dont want me to move
<juliebobs177(760)>i'm lucky i have a wonderful man, he stood back while i nursed my estranged hubby
<only1dani(26)>of course not , ur their son
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>wouldnt lend me money for down payment on house

<belle8253(10)>then stay hon you can get many wives but just 1 mom and dad
<belle8253(10)>omg I don't think I'm helping lol
<donna51058(Cool>thats a tough situation wolf sorry u going thru that
<toots249(20)>thats awesome julie
<juliebobs177(760)>he is
<belle8253(10)>wolf you will make the right decision just weigh up the pros and cos
<juliebobs177(760)>i i only took hubby back cos girls needed to be with their dad
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>i have been and only 2 good thing about movin
<kittenbabe(31)>good morning all,birthday girl here passing through
<only1dani(26)>i decided to shhhh, not been married, n the one live together relationship was a

<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>gm kitten happy bday
<juliebobs177(760)>happy b/day kit
<nitaoshi(758)>gm kjtten gl
<belle8253(10)>happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday darling kitten happy

birthday to you xxxxxxxxxxxxx
<toots249(20)>happy bday kitten ! gl today
<only1dani(26)>happy birthday kitten
<donna51058(Cool>happy birthday
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>kitten how old???
<nitaoshi(758)>happy birthday kitten
<kittenbabe(31)>ty all soo kindly:))))
<nitaoshi(758)>almost did big caps oops
<toots249(20)>i was gonna say that belle, 21 like the rest of us lol
<DerViWurL(874)> Meow and Purr tha whole day thru ! Happy Birthday U Leo U ~
<belle8253(10)>nah I'm 58 and proud of it
<belle8253(10)>lol derv
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>not me im 34 in a 80 yr old mans body
<toots249(20)>im 41 in a 85 yr old body, so were close wolf lol
<kittenbabe(31)>proud to be a leo,51
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>617554 Pippy Bounty $500 BC Freeroll 30/300 - Registering

2011-08-08 16:45
<toots249(20)>u dont look 51 kit
<DerViWurL(874)> Leos Rock !
<belle8253(10)>see wolf if I only had money I coulda bin ur sugar granny
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>lol toots ................ but i all kinds of !#@#ed ............... will

be in weelchair by time i 40 i fear

<MysticBlus(15)>lol belle
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>lol belle
<belle8253(10)>me too we can have wheelie races lol
<kittenbabe(31)>ty,i found the fountain of youth lol
<belle8253(10)>omg my upper body just as knackered as my lower body
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>toots i cant hardly walk 3 blocks
<toots249(20)>i dont have that either so im toast lol
<chiptrouble(976)>foutain not work on canine type, only kitties type lol
<DerViWurL(874)> ....that would be like hittin an Ace high gutshot straight draw while all-in !

<toots249(20)>im sorry wolfie Sad
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>lol ive dine that
<toots249(20)>lol chip
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>i have run in over a decade
<MysticBlus(15)>can we change the subject plz ppl
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>but i just got my motorcycle liscense last yr
<DerViWurL(874)>,,,thats how I won tourney yesterday ! Talk about rejuvenating !
<belle8253(10)>yes I think someone should do a b/day game for kitten lol
<kittenbabe(31)>i pass through 40 add 11 1 foot in the pearly gates of heaven
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>wrecked my 250 cc 300 lbs scooter what i do i go n buy a 600 lb 800cc

<belle8253(10)>kitten ---- just a little prezzie sorry it's not more
<chiptrouble(976)>nix wheelchair wolf training wheels on motorcycle weeeeeeee
<MysticBlus(15)>my son rides down your way wolfie
<donna51058(Cool>lol chip
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>i live 2 blocks from a motorcycle bar/club
<WolfsBite(MOD - 876)>brb
<vega77(MOD - 991)>hb
<kittenbabe(31)>ty! kindly belle
<donna51058(Cool>hi vega gl
<chiptrouble(976)>hey vega
<vega77(MOD - 991)>gm donna chip gl
<belle8253(10)>happy b/day kitten
<nitaoshi(758)>gl ev1 in pippys 500bc
<chiptrouble(976)>618310 2000 ALL IN OR FOLD-SnG 0/10 - Registering -
<kittenbabe(31)>ty! Smile)))
<nitaoshi(758)>toots tks for the message
<chiptrouble(976)>get rich quick lol
<DerViWurL(874)> lets play with some yarn, kitten!
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Chatting Not Allowed In NPP Lobby UNLESS You Are Wolfsbite
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