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 HaHaHaHaHa... Wolf's Wife Been Lurking.

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PostSubject: HaHaHaHaHa... Wolf's Wife Been Lurking.   Sat Oct 01, 2011 8:03 pm

Soooo.. it seems Wolf was talking SHIT and guess who shows up a day or two later? You guessed it his wife. Now that's funny SHIT. As sad as her situation is... it's truly a shame she doesn't keep his ass kicked to the curb. He obviously cares more about NPP and his payless "job"... than he does his wife and kids.

His previous convo in lobby:

<WolfsBite(MOD - 26)>damn women can talk .......................... wife wouldnt shut up n let me do my job <<<< He considers NPP moderating a job. LMFAOO.
<WolfsBite(MOD - 26)>opssssssssss i ment shhhhhhhhhhhh

<BadUncleKev(992)>oh. I know
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 53)>dont include all women in that wolf some of us do shut up
<docland(284)>gm belle vgl
<WolfsBite(MOD - 26)>ohhhh ok sf
<WolfsBite(MOD - 26)>my kind of woman then

<BadUncleKev(992)>shifthead gets home from work and dayum 3 hours of yadda yadda yadda
<docland(284)>gm cindy vgl
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 53)>no name calling kev not even about ur wife lol
<BadUncleKev(992)>casino drama
<WolfsBite(MOD - 26)><---------------- is sorta likein the quiet of single life
<BadUncleKev(992)>lol sister
<WolfsBite(MOD - 26)>whoever kev
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 53)>single life is awesome lol
<BadUncleKev(992)>it's her title not a name
<justwannabme(981)>no comment,she may be watching
<BadUncleKev(992)>she is the shift head
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 53)>lol just
<WolfsBite(MOD - 26)>ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ok
<WolfsBite(MOD - 26)>thought u ment something else
<BadUncleKev(992)>of course I do call her shifthead
<BadUncleKev(992)>lol so last time
<BadUncleKev(992)>will just keep it to myself
<BadUncleKev(992)>sorry feet
<belle8253(22)>hi doc gl 2u2
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 53)>lol kev Smile
<SEXY_FEET(MOD - 53)>hi belle gl Smile

Then after all this time... his wife is in the lobby. looooooooool

<TheRealHottness(0)>wolf please check your messages
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 999)>chip u away]
<chevybig396(306)>ne1 up 4 a SNG?
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>i did ................ only the 1 right .............. 1/2 of it got cut off
<TheRealHottness(0)>nope just sent another
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>ok will take a bit but have the msg open
<TheRealHottness(0)>u will smile Im sure

<BadUncleKev(994)>there's one
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>k
<TheRealHottness(0)>If you have not already guessed lol

<lorrod(22)>643965 $25 Buy-In + $25 Bounty 1/200 - Registering 2011-10-01 17:15
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>i have a good idea


<TheRealHottness(0)>guess yet wolf
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm checking up on me iu see .................... u want part of the harem ............ lol <<<< checking up on him... lmaooooooooo
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>love u hunny muahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa
<TheRealHottness(0)>Not really checking up just miss you
<TheRealHottness(0)>you kissed me in the lobby?
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>un huh ................ ok
<TheRealHottness(0)>thats kinna out in the open hun
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>lol .................. well mere i give ya a licken out in the open
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 999)>:O
<TheRealHottness(0)>Not sure I was ready to come outta the closet just yet hee hee
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>name sorta gave it away
<TheRealHottness(0)>Only cus its the truth :-)
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>just so every1 knows hottness is my wife
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 999)>i knew hottness was some1
<TheRealHottness(0)>sheesh do I have to be on here?
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 999)>just didnt know who yet
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 999)>hi wolfs wife welcome to nopay hun
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>nope u dont HAVE to be at all ................ lol
<TheRealHottness(0)>Hi pippy
<TheRealHottness(0)>I wanted to be a secret and just tease
<BlackDiamond(18)>lol Hi Hottness aka Mrs Wolf Smile
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>yaya .................... ok
<TheRealHottness(0)>hi ya
<GINGERDREADS(990)>is his bark worse than his bite?
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>ohhhhhhhhhh i have anger problems .................. i yell alot dont i
<TheRealHottness(0)>well your asking the wrong person he does not bark at me but he does bite at times....
<GINGERDREADS(990)>lol ;-)
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>and u love it
<GINGERDREADS(990)>howlin with laughter
<TheRealHottness(0)>I will get chat ban if I continue this way lol
<TheRealHottness(0)>but it would be worth it hee hee

<rogerssj7(13)>oh no i missed daveo's freeroll
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>lol
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 999)>gm rog gl
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>ok well lets move on then
<TheRealHottness(0)>lol y u might have to chat ban yourself before we are done HA HA HA
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>nope ............. i role model ............................ cant be the perv i used to be ............. lmao
<smokinnnnnnn(936)>we all ty for that wolf lol
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 999)>lol smok
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> hi pippyyyyyyy gm hun gl
<TheRealHottness(0)>not a perv if its with me hee hee..... ok so if its a song and I sing in the room can I get ban?
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>have to warn ya

<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 999)>gm gl
<TheRealHottness(0)>aaaawwwwwwwww warn me baby warn me
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>then if the mods on shift feel like it they can

<smokinnnnnnn(936)> please no singing in the lobby im playing poker
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>and she cant sing either .................. so yall stay away from windows
<TheRealHottness(0)>LOL I dont like clothes either so hun pull the curtains!!!

<smokinnnnnnn(936)> <<<<---------- im ducking
<omahagal(103)>well it aint over till the fat lady sings ya know?lol
<smokinnnnnnn(936)>whaaaaaaaa whaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaaaa
<omahagal(103)>la la la
<TheRealHottness(0)>ohhhhhhh snap did I just get called fat??
<omahagal(103)>ok its over
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>gettin to cold here not to wear clothes Sad
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> will a fat man like me doo gal?
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> lol
<omahagal(103)>lol yup thatll do
<omahagal(103)>no i didnt call you fat lol was just saying
<omahagal(103)>its a saying here
<TheRealHottness(0)>well if you refer me as fat please say baby fat I can accept that LOL althought my baby is 3 now so I'm not sure I can blame him anymore heehee
<smokinnnnnnn(936)>i know i was saying i was fat and i am and proad of it
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> whaaaaaaaaaaa
<TheRealHottness(0)>wolf I miss you.... We need a hotel room next weekend while the kids are away...
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>lol might be nice out so i might be riding to stat. of liberty
<TheRealHottness(0)>Why on earth would you go there?
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>besides cant no1 to take care of the cats u left behind
<smokinnnnnnn(936)>umm sorry but wolf is curentlly unavailible because my wife is with him
<TheRealHottness(0)>your wife?
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh smokinnn u tryin to get to get me in trouble
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> lol
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 999)>smoke:|
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> u cant hide my wife wolfff ev1 knows already
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> lol
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>lol
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> yea pippy
<smokinnnnnnn(936)>pippy saw my wife huh pippy?
<TheRealHottness(0)>Wolf knows if he wants someone else to go for it I dont want a man with me just cus I want a man to be with me because they love and want me... He knows he is free if he wants to be.. I dont hang on men if they dont want me to.
<smokinnnnnnn(936)>my wife so hot man i can cook dinner on her
<smokinnnnnnn(936)>shes just plain plain mean though
<TheRealHottness(0)>poor u
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> whaaaaaaaaaa
<TheRealHottness(0)>so her hotness does not cover over the meaness?
<smokinnnnnnn(936)>it does thats why been married 18 yrs
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> i just keep hiding from her lawer so i dont get divorce papers
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> whaaaaaa
<TheRealHottness(0)>I might have to be bad to get wolf back here
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>lol .................. yeah so i can break down on way there
<TheRealHottness(0)>oh his shift is over I guess
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> eww my wife mad at u TheReal

<YehRightOK(MOD - 25)>gm wolfy
<TheRealHottness(0)>no silly I mean chatting in the lobby
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>gm tatt gl hun
<YehRightOK(MOD - 25)>ty u2
<YehRightOK(MOD - 25)>hey smokinn
<smokinnnnnnn(936)>gl today hun
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> whaaaaaaaaaaaa
<TheRealHottness(0)>so y she made at me? cus I'm taken my hubby back?? LOL
<chiptrouble(948)>hey smokinnnnnnn
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 999)>643966 $200 Freeroll 45/200 - Registering 2011-10-01 17:30
<smokinnnnnnn(936)>bbs all got to go see if with needs some loveing before heading back to wolfs house
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> hi chip gl m8
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>takin hubby back???? not lobby subject
<rogerssj7(13)>644250 NPP Jakarta 1K Weekly League 3/6 - Registering -
<YehRightOK(MOD - 25)>gm lex
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 999)>gm hotttttt
<indyjim06(2)>ga hott gl
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 921)>Smile
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> hi smokinhott whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gm gl hun
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 921)>thank you ev1
<WolfsBite(MOD - 127)>ga hottie meet my wife hottness
<spokes90210(24)>gm hot
<BlackDiamond(18)>gg gd
<GINGERDREADS(990)>ty gl
<BlackDiamond(18)>hiya hott
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 921)>oo, realhottness, hey girl how are you?
<TheRealHottness(0)>lol wolf but giving wife love before sending her to u is??? lol its ok I'm off here now any how spending time with baby

<GINGERDREADS(990)>b bk later av fun peeps
<YehRightOK(MOD - 25)>hi n bye ginger
<TheRealHottness(0)>could be better but ok I guess
<GINGERDREADS(990)>hi n bye tatt cya soon
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 921)>good to hear hun
<smokinnnnnnn(936)>lol are u trying to get me in trouble TheReal ?? lol
<TheRealHottness(0)>bye all have a nice day.... Hott I was just on here to see my hubby a bit I miss him
<smokinnnnnnn(936)>didnt meen to hurt ur feelings
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> Sad
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 999)>tc real hahd hun
<nunoclix(968)>ga my friends gl u ALL
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 921)>n/p sweetie, you know if you need to talk , get a hold of me, ok
<TheRealHottness(0)>oh you didnt lol nothing hurts me anymore I've been thought to much this summer Smile its all good

<smokinnnnnnn(936)> tc thereal
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> hb ok
<TheRealHottness(0)>no pain for the broken hearted
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> lol ok hun tc see ya soon
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> Smile
<justwannabme(988)>uh oh,boss lady here,i mind mt ps n qs
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> i can always ask my wife if u can have me
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> if u want lol
<indyjim06(2)>im sure she wont mind smk
<justwannabme(988)>gm hott
<indyjim06(2)>644199 50in50bounty-SnG 0/7 - Registering -
<smokinnnnnnn(936)>lol jim whaaaaaaaaaa
<TheRealHottness(0)>Thanks Hott <3 Not much to tell anymore... Just trying to pull life back together agian...
<smokinnnnnnn(936)> i know that
<nunoclix(968)>anybody here? seems not
<nunoclix(968)>only ghosts?
<juliebobs177(630)>hey nuno gl
StephenBiswas just logged in.
<justwannabme(988)>hi nuno
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 999)>yes nuno what ya need?
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 921)>ok bb soon, gotta get the Mod League p/w out
<nunoclix(968)>hey jullie just gl
<TheRealHottness(0)>lol smokinnnnn I dont desire another man one is enough for me hee hee and I love the one I got or hope to have in a home with me soon agian Smile
<nunoclix(968)>nothing pippy i just said ga nand gl all n got no response SadSadSadSad
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 999)>gmm glll Smile
<FeaRFaCToR(988)>gl nun
<elvisd(774)>Mod is there something I could do to get better at my heads up play
<spokes90210(24)>hot i cannot get on myspace can u pm me pw here plz
<TheRealHottness(0)>ok I'm off bye

Now that's loaded with personal stuff... and sad as hell. He'd rather go bike ride than spend a nite with his wife? WTF! Then tells her taking hubby back isn't a lobby issue... WELL NONE OF IT'S A LOBBY ISSUE U DUMBASS.. YOU SHOULDN'T BE IN THE LOBBY.. YOU SHOULD BE WITH YOUR WIFE AND KIDS INSTEAD OF PLAYING PERVERT PETE AND HAVING UR LIPS SECURELY PLANTED ON BOTTLE BLONDE BITCH'S ASS UNTIL UR LIPS ARE BLUE.... You are one sorry ass excuse for a man, father and husband

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PostSubject: Re: HaHaHaHaHa... Wolf's Wife Been Lurking.   Sun Oct 02, 2011 12:35 am

hottie can relate 2 her cause they are abused by pervs, i c it!
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PostSubject: Re: HaHaHaHaHa... Wolf's Wife Been Lurking.   Sun Oct 02, 2011 12:37 am

if you had to listen to hotties personal shit you would puke!
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PostSubject: Re: HaHaHaHaHa... Wolf's Wife Been Lurking.   Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:49 am

<WolfsBite(MOD - 26)>damn women can talk .......................... wife wouldnt shut up n let me do my job <<<< He considers NPP moderating a job. LMFAOO.

LMAO that's too funny- well you pay peanuts U get monkeys LOLOLOL

WTF doesn't wolf n "wifee" have a dam phone? People in NOpay don't need to read his personal BS, besides isn't that also against the rules?? Talk about needing a LIFE, I suppose they have cyber sex like bone & wife LOLOL
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PostSubject: Re: HaHaHaHaHa... Wolf's Wife Been Lurking.   Mon Oct 03, 2011 2:35 pm

Lmaoooooooooo... now that's a sick thought G. But prolly true, EWWWWW.

And where was Wolf and Wife's warning like MM got? She was in the lobby; and she had just told MM a day or two prior to that:

<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 919)>Can't we all just have fun & keep our personal issues out & bring some good laughs in

I can't imagine anyone was real comfortable considering so few NPP players spoke during that entire time, and other than SmokinX7 (go figure), no one was laughing. Yet once again favoritism prevails... and having ur ass kissed is the preferred method to receive those benefits.

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PostSubject: Re: HaHaHaHaHa... Wolf's Wife Been Lurking.   Mon Oct 03, 2011 5:44 pm

LOL Schatzi- kinda makes you wonder wtf he has over carols head that he gets away with so much What a Face
Yes mm got closed for petty BS while this CLOWN breaks every rule there is day in & out!
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PostSubject: Re: HaHaHaHaHa... Wolf's Wife Been Lurking.   Wed Oct 05, 2011 6:11 pm

Now that just shouldn't surprise me... MM being closed. It's who you know.. but more important who's ass do you kiss most.

There are no real rules or regulations at NPP... if there actually where, and they were enforced equally to all... then most of the mods would be gone, for sexual innuendos, rule breaking daily, and general low class rift raff talk.

Instead... its bottle blonde bitches' entire life and her need for absolute control of everyone. If you're not stroking her ego or kissing her saggy old ass long and hard enough.. you're gone. Plain and simple.
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PostSubject: Re: HaHaHaHaHa... Wolf's Wife Been Lurking.   

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HaHaHaHaHa... Wolf's Wife Been Lurking.
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