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 And the Perv aka Wolfsbite is FIRED!!!!

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PostSubject: And the Perv aka Wolfsbite is FIRED!!!!   Wed May 30, 2012 12:27 am

Amazing news... two of the resident pervs at NPP have finally been fired. First YekRightOK... then Wolfsbite. He wasn't even given the courtesy of being told by one of the 3 mod admins... he found out when he logged into his account. Lmaooooo.

I bet he wonders why he was fired.... well here's his "goodbye" and following that all the reasons he should've been gone long ago.

Btw... one of his cyber girls who match him in the sex talk has now become a mod... Guess the standards have hit an all time low.


<juliebobs177(807)>wolfy on here
<rich6957(MOD - 33)>v735295 $20000 Monthly Pre-Qualifier 9/10 - Registering -
<WolfsBite(21)>yeah im here
<juliebobs177(807)>u get message hun ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

<BlackDiamond(MOD - 924)>hi julie, wolf gl
<juliebobs177(807)>hi bd
<WolfsBite(21)>ss jb
<meldone(24)>hey wolf. gl
<juliebobs177(807)>found out this morn
<meldone(24)>hey jb...huggs
<WolfsBite(21)>was just on for a bit while drying out got caught on bike in thunderstorm
<juliebobs177(807)>we got 1 due here tomorrow
<juliebobs177(807)>its ok im getting hugggssss from okie>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<WolfsBite(21)>was nice to find out that i got FIRED .............. so thanks all my friends i but i wont be on much at all anymore if EVER
<BlackDiamond(MOD - 924)>not for lobby wolf
<juliebobs177(807)>o wolfy nooooooooooooooooooo
<WolfsBite(21)>dont worry BD .... i gone
<BlackDiamond(MOD - 924)>no need to go wolf
<juliebobs177(807)>wolfy u got my msn hun
<juliebobs177(807)>u know where i am
<WolfsBite(21)>yes i do jb
<juliebobs177(807)>a day full of bad news ugggggggghhhhhh
<WolfsBite(21)>so tc all .............. have fun

<BlackDiamond(MOD - 924)>tc wolf
<rich6957(MOD - 33)>well hb wolf we all love playin w you
<juliebobs177(807)>wow hes taken me off friends list
<BlackDiamond(MOD - 924)>opps

<slickzipper> were ya from sassy
<Sassy2011> wv
<slickzipper> nice
<Sassy2011> yes it is
Dealing turn card Jh
<WolfsBite> i just bought a house there in late Jan
<Sassy2011> yup only wut 2 hours or so away from me right?
<WolfsBite> yeppers sassy

<slickzipper> heard its pretty there gotta buddy who leaves there
<Sassy2011> yes it is
<slickzipper> i leave n arkansas
<slickzipper> live
<WolfsBite> it is very pretty .............. just got to get this house sold
<Sassy2011> aww cool
<WolfsBite> mve everything out n then fix kitchen n have neighbor look at it
<Sassy2011> yeah n so u can come n get me n take me for a ride on ur bike! lol
<slickzipper> lol
<WolfsBite> my policy is a ride for a ride ............ lol
<Sassy2011> I'm sure we can work sumthin out lol Wink
<WolfsBite> lol .....wonder if thats why wife dont wanna ride it

<slickzipper> lmao
<slickzipper> u prob right
<slickzipper> thats how mine is
<Sassy2011> u have a bike too slick? lol
<slickzipper> harley road king
<slickzipper> 2005
<Sassy2011> awesome
<slickzipper> but i spend more time on the 4 wheelers
<Sassy2011> lemme know when u visit ur buddy n I'll slip into my daisy dukes lol Wink
<Sassy2011> j/k lol
<slickzipper> lol
<WolfsBite> lol
<slickzipper> promise i will look
<slickzipper> married not blind...lmao
<Sassy2011> lmao...u wouldn't b male if ya didn't! lool Razz
<WolfsBite> lol ........hell she aint going to be wearing daisy dukes ............... just a thong .......... lol when we meet
<Sassy2011> be back in a few
<WolfsBite> hb
<Sassy2011> lool
<WolfsBite> sorry slick ............... only women allowed on my friends list ............ and i selective at that
<slickzipper> understand
<slickzipper> np
<Sassy2011> i'mmm backkk..miss me? he hee
<slickzipper> lol
<Sassy2011> guess not lol
<slickzipper> of course we did
<Sassy2011> lol
<WolfsBite> wb sass .............. now get ya hand back where it was .............. lol
<Sassy2011> darn! lol
<NewMikeYork> lol she never will
<Sassy2011> lol
<WolfsBite> hey 1 can dream cant he ............. hell i know no woman wants me
<Sassy2011> I'm sure some woman does wolfie Smile
<Sassy2011> u have ur wife don't ya? lol
<WolfsBite> then explain why im here all alone
<Sassy2011> ummmm cuz ur tryin to sell ur house remember? lol
<WolfsBite> she only want me for peace of mind with $$ and kids
<WolfsBite> i be selling this house dont matter what cuz its too bif for just me
<Sassy2011> lol oh ok
<WolfsBite> just like a woman size does matter but in mans case he likes smalle
<WolfsBite> which = tighter

<omahagal(29)>not true, I miss u eberytime your gone Smile
<WolfsBite(MOD - 962)>all the women going whewwwwwwwwwww finally the perv is gone
<omahagal(29)>oops every*

<omahagal(29)>your regis....impacted my life ...u and kelly Wink
<dollygator(778)>good morning all n gl
<WolfsBite(MOD - 962)>gm dolly
<omahagal(29)>told kev it was venus n saturn that we seen yday but its jupiter n venus..i was wrong oops
<WolfsBite(MOD - 962)>lol gal
<WolfsBite(MOD - 962)>hehehehe ill make ya see stars
<rich6957(797)>hey leo how much r those bonus chps
<WolfsBite(MOD - 962)>500 freed for 30k
<leolion346(916)>depends on how many u want
<omahagal(29)>u realize durin reset friends list got reset too....i came back to a pending friend request from u lol
<rich6957(797)>damn then he brought more to the game then he could win
<WolfsBite(MOD - 962)>click the buy button next to bonus chips balance
<rich6957(797)>a good propasition
<rich6957(797)>i'm good
<RicoXZ(975)>hello all gl n have fun
<RicoXZ(975)>705731 $2500 FreeD Wednesday Weekly 8/10 - Registering -
<WolfsBite(MOD - 962)>yeah gal same here ....... had to add all of my women back Smile
<rich6957(797)>he spent 250 to win 40
<RicoXZ(975)>705759 NPP Jakarta 1K Weekly League 3/6 - Registering -
<omahagal(29)>lol wolf
<rich6957(797)>doesnt pencil
<omahagal(29)>well you'll have to wait for me haha
<omahagal(29)>until im premium
<WolfsBite(MOD - 962)>pfttttttttttt ............ ya well u not the only 1 but im betting ill never see sf on here again
<WolfsBite(MOD - 962)>even if ........... she getting deleted
<omahagal(29)>yeah..prolly for the best tho?
<omahagal(29)>sorry bout that ..wish it didnt have to happen to u Smile
<WolfsBite(MOD - 962)>most likely ................ like i said yesterday ........... she a player on the net and like to get guys hopes up n the disappear <<< Got played did ya? Hahahahaha... What did you really expect? Ask Tatt she does it quite consistently and becoming an expert.
<omahagal(29)>devil in disguse?
<WolfsBite(MOD - 962)>lol no .......... im never in degusie
<rich6957(797)>disguses r for people that r scared
<skywalker2924(951)>or up to no good
<WolfsBite(MOD - 962)>i now feel for MM npp all turned on him cuz of her and he knew what he was talki about

<dollygator(778)>r evil, in hiding
<WolfsBite(MOD - 962)>but end that subject
<omahagal(29)>u stand alone on that one
<kamraladympr(MOD - 751)>yes plz move on
<omahagal(29)>my feelings about him hhad nothin to do with her
<omahagal(29)>k hugggsssssssss kam Smile

<WolfsBite(MOD - 962)>ok gal .................. so the snow all gone ther yet
<omahagal(29)>heck no i wish wolf
<kamraladympr(MOD - 751)>hi all gl
<WolfsBite(MOD - 962)>hi kammy
<omahagal(29)>but been really nice days so it will be gone eventually
<nonerdami(949)>hi kam kissesss
<WolfsBite(MOD - 962)>lol gal till next week when it snows again
<omahagal(29)>she not in kissy huggy mood
<rich6957(797)>gm kam gl
<omahagal(29)>grrrrr supposed to next tues i think
<nonerdami(949)>woke up on wrong side of bed?
<WolfsBite(MOD - 962)>supposed to be almost 70 here all next week
<meldone(53)>weve been lucky so far gal
<omahagal(29)>i dunno im just kiddin noner lol

<meldone> hate it when his teeth get sharpened
<slickzipper> lol me to
<Sassy2011> lol not me Wink he hee
<WolfsBite> sass like to be bitten
<slickzipper> like it ruff huh
<meldone> but ur a mosachist ...sassy
<Sassy2011> among other things lol Razz
<Sassy2011> the ruffer da betta lol Wink
<meldone> lol
<WolfsBite> lol
<Sassy2011> hubby still has a lot to learn <sigh> lol
<WolfsBite> yeah wife dont like it either .............. thus lookin for replacement

<WolfsBite(MOD - 3)>well i dont think this marrage gonna last so ..............i NEVER getting mrried again
<WolfsBite(MOD - 3)>women just !#@# me over
<rich6957(943)>no some staring at u i dont know how to say it
<belle8253(16)>I don't give men a chance to do so
<WolfsBite(MOD - 3)>they say they love me .............. but all the same they still leave

They leave you coz you're twisted and sick. No real woman would want a man who talks about women and treats the way you do.

Good luck in life... now that you might have one since you no longer have an unpaid job.
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PostSubject: Re: And the Perv aka Wolfsbite is FIRED!!!!   Wed May 30, 2012 8:19 am

Well well some1 woke the hell up over there, took them long enough hahahahaha!

So SAD they STILL go about things the same way tho, behind ppls BACKS!

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And the Perv aka Wolfsbite is FIRED!!!!
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