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PostSubject: Just A Funny   Wed May 30, 2012 12:36 am

<KAJUNSPICE(MOD - 62)> zuessssssssss
<KAJUNSPICE(MOD - 62)> sent anymore funny emails?
<kamraladympr(MOD - 715)>yes z plz send her some she sends really boring emails now
<KAJUNSPICE(MOD - 62)> i hardly ever send emails lol
<KAJUNSPICE(MOD - 62)> just like reading them

Yes Kajun likes to read... since she shows back up as a mod for the 100th time, she snagged herself a Mod Adm title from what I'm told. Guess you can trash NPP, then go kiss ass long enough they become your best friend again.

Kajun loves to sneak, peek, and read all those wonderful myspace mails, emails, and anything else she can lay her eyes on.

Too bad not everyone knows they can read anything you type there. Should be disclosed in the "rules".

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Just A Funny
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