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 Aww they got BUTT hurt!

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PostSubject: Aww they got BUTT hurt!   Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:55 pm

Oneday I sat watching the chat & there was Carol (hott) n Duke TRYING to explain to mikee how to add an avvy- I sat watching for about a half hr & noticed mikee wasn't understanding cuz he was in the wrong place- So I jumped in to help....

<mikee1945(11)>dahlia are u good with puter??
<blackdahlia26(93)>no mikee im not sry
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 967)>mikee, what's going on?
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 967)>Duke might be able to help

<mikee1945(11)>i'm trying to put on avatar
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 967)>oh that's ez, on NPP?
<mikee1945(11)>i've beem trying for 2 hrs
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 967)>go to account, then account page, then log in- click on myspace, and upload
<mikee1945(11)>hott, dani emailed me the pic and i can't figure out hoy to get it to the avatar preference box
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 967)>where did you save the pic?
<mikee1945(11)>thats where i get lost
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 967)>ok, save attachments in your mail, then take it from wherever you stored it
<mikee1945(11)>i saved it in email
<Duke007(MOD DJ - 966)>no you have to save it to like your desktop
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 967)>when you click save attachments from your email, save it to your pics, desktop, whatever
<mikee1945(11)>how do i find where i stored it??
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 967)>lol, mikee
<Duke007(MOD DJ - 966)>did you save it from email if so try start my documents
<only1dani(932)>mikee is just now learning about pcs i think
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 967)>easiest way, save to desktop, then when adding avi, just get it from your desktop
<only1dani(932)>hiya hott ty u2.
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 967)>mikee, when you log into that piece of mail, you should see a setting, called save attachments, then you choose where to save it at-
<mikee1945(12)>i send pics to downloads
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 966)>mikee, did your avy work?
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 966)>hey mev

<mikee1945(12)>i can't get them in preference box
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 966)>why?
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 966)>save to your desktop, then upload

<mikee1945(12)>dani did u get my email
<only1dani(943)>i check email n yahoo seldom but will go look now
<mikee1945(12)>ok will try hott ty
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 966)>yw, gl mikee, u can do it
<only1dani(943)>he can just takes that first time
<mikee1945(12)>what goes in look in box
<RayEllemar(MOD DJ - 950)>Mikee ????
<mikee1945(12)>avatar box open and tell me ste4p by step what to put in each box
<only1dani(943)>mikee if you are watching lobby i sent you a replay to your email with instructions for every step of the way.
<mikee1945(12)>ty ty dani
<only1dani(943)>gl mike
<only1dani(943)>sorry noty i was
<only1dani(943)>mike , do me a favor
<Duke007(MOD DJ - 965)>mike did you get it save to your pc ?
<only1dani(943)>if you have children 10 or over or neighbors...they will know how to use a will take them just a cpl of mins to show u this...get some help plz
<Duke007(MOD DJ - 965)>top of lobby click my account then game prefreances then top left theer upload
<mikee1945(12)>look in box desktop/filename th_elmer_fudd.jpg file type jpg iclick open and nothing happens
<only1dani(943)>dont type it clik on it, mite need to double clik
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>mike where u trying to upload it- preferences or myspace?
<only1dani(943)>mike is obviously very new to pcs, this is confusing him
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>try on the website in myspace its much easier
<only1dani(943)>i give ya gold star for perseverance thos mike
<Duke007(MOD DJ - 965)>been there
<only1dani(943)>gotta be frustrating
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>up top -my account-acct page
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 966)>already told him, G
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>i know but he was in preferences
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 966)>he'll get it eventually, have faith,, Mikee
<Duke007(MOD DJ - 965)>your late thats why
<mikee1945(12)>i'm trying to get pic on npp
<Duke007(MOD DJ - 965)>myspace was hour ago
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>i can help mike just follow steps i tell ya
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>up top my acct- acct page
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>now myspace on top right of page

<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>on the right u see Manage-upload-my gallery?
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>click on upload
<Duke007(MOD DJ - 965)>well so far you have told him just what Hott dani and myself told him
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>i know
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>but he was in wrong place
<fingers(MOD - 993)>440171 $1 SNG 9/10 - Registering -
<Duke007(MOD DJ - 965)>no G I just told him to try prefreance as last resort

<only1dani(943)>omg im sending g hugsssssssssss<<Dani noticed I am getting Mike there, unlike they were

<only1dani(943)>u got himn this

<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>now u see a blue box that says
Your picture...

<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>lol dani
<mikee1945(12)>been doing preference for hrs
<Duke007(MOD DJ - 965)>ther you havent been reading the answers very well<< NO dumb ass, he said he wasn't good with puters, how about giving him easy steps to follow
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 966)>mikee, i gave you those instructions over a hr ago
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>u should see a little box that says -choose file
<mikee1945(12)>i see it

<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>click that & find the pic u saved
<only1dani(943)>ok im going to get drink..if he loads this ok i want him to sit at a table so i can see that wait for me
<mikee1945(12)>how do i find the pic
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>i know u guys were telling him but he was confused & in preferences
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>where did u save it?
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>when u click u see desktop anywhere?
<Duke007(MOD DJ - 965)>kind of like shifts
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>lol fred=freed lol no dealing fred either tho
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>lol
<mikee1945(12)>do i make this pic private and deo i need a description??
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>no
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>is it a nudie>? lol

<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>lol
<mikee1945(12)>just hit submit

<only1dani(943)>mike im so proud of ya for not giving up
<only1dani(943)>great job g

<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>ty
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>lol kev
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>glossy
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>lol
<mikee1945(12)>the file not supported by website
<Duke007(MOD DJ - 965)>lmao
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>hmmm
<Duke007(MOD DJ - 965)>it has to be jpg
<only1dani(943)>dang it let me save it
<only1dani(943)>i found the pic for him Sad
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>lol
<mikee1945(12)>it is
<only1dani(943)>its a pic of elmer fudd
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>if u use the chat filter ur ok as long as its not cursing at some1
<mikee1945(12)>no good tried again
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>k danni gona send that pic again & u save it again'
<only1dani(943)>g, i just loaded it np
<only1dani(943)>ok i send again
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>hmm
<only1dani(943)>i will send it again tho
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>k ty

<Duke007(MOD DJ - 965)>wouldnt it be easier to explain how to chenge the format of the pic lol<<<don't be so butt hurt Pukie sheesh

<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>umm if i knew how maybe
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>lol

<only1dani(943)>i resent mike n this time just sent u 1 pic
<only1dani(943)>so wont have both in a zip file or however they come
<mikee1945(12)>ok ty dani
<only1dani(943)>but one good think..ya know how to do them now
<mikee1945(12)>pic is there no what do i do??

<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>can u try it again
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>if that dont work we can try under preferences

<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>uk time i think pop
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 966)>Mikee I will send you a pm with instructions, shortly & gl

<Duke007(MOD DJ - 965)>mike it is automatic
<mikee1945(12)>do i have to reboot
<Duke007(MOD DJ - 965)>you only need to make main if you have more then one
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 966)>sorry , hot
<Duke007(MOD DJ - 965)>no just wait till new seat
<watsuuuup(983)>oh ok i see
<mikee1945(12)>i only have 1
<Duke007(MOD DJ - 965)>then it's auto
<watsuuuup(983)>then it will be auto

<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>it should be ur avvy then mike wtg

<watsuuuup(983)>learn some thing new every day
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 966)>lol
<watsuuuup(983)>now no more new things
<hot_pan(918)>i could do it on one day a week durin the day.. my day off
<hot_pan(918)>but doubt u jus need me for one day Sad
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 966)>1 day not good hot, sorry Sad
kamraladympr just logged in.
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>439529 Moderators $1000 FreeD Sunday Weekly 2/4 - Registering -
<hot_pan(918)>yeah figured that
<mikee1945(12)>forgive yelling
<hot_pan(918)>i wish i couold join that g
<smokinnnnnnn(31)>u want me hott?
<smokinnnnnnn(31)> whaaaaaaaaaa Smile
<Duke007(MOD DJ - 965)>me 2 after 3 hours of that
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 966)>huh?
<smokinnnnnnn(31)> u need me as a mod u know u do lol
<smokinnnnnnn(31)> whaa Smile
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 966)>oh, lol

<mikee1945(12)>I GOT AVATAR 4 hrs work

<hot_pan(918)>hey smokinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
<smokinnnnnnn(31)> no caps please
<smokinnnnnnn(31)> hi hottttttttttt
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 966)>didn't understand what you we're asking
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>wtg mikeeeeeeeeeeee
<smokinnnnnnn(31)> me hott?
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 966)>hey smoke gl
<RayEllemar(MOD DJ - 950)>WTG G
<NewMikeYork(12)>ho hotttt an ggggg
<smokinnnnnnn(31)> wtg GG
<mikee1945(12)>ty ty all /dani dani dani
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 966)>hiya mike & gl
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>hi mike gl
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>yw mikeee
<NewMikeYork(12)>ty uall 2 gl
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>ty ray
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 966)>yw mike
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>tyu2
<smokinnnnnnn(31)>funny thing i used to think i was confused But now? im sure of it hehe
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>lol
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 966)>lol
<mikee1945(12)>the mods are the greatest be nice to them
<watsuuuup(983)>wtg mike
<CHONITO54(0)>HOW Can i join the games
<AmmazingG(MOD - 91)>lol u tell em mikee

All of a sudden I get a Skype message from POS Carol who obviously got a little butt hurt that "I" was able to help when they were failing....

[8/2/2010 8:46:08 PM] *Alexi Fr: Hey, What's up?
[8/2/2010 8:46:27 PM] *Alexi Fr: Do you have back chat, read it, lol
[8/2/2010 8:46:29 PM] Gracie: same ole
[8/2/2010 8:46:50 PM] Gracie: huh
[8/2/2010 8:47:43 PM] *Alexi Fr: Did & said the same things you did, are you aware you just took over a shift?
[8/2/2010 8:47:55 PM] Gracie: omg
[8/2/2010 8:48:39 PM] Gracie: i could tell u all were talking about myspace & he was in preferenecs
[8/2/2010 8:48:50 PM] Gracie: not 1 of u knew that tho wtf

[8/2/2010 8:49:14 PM] *Alexi Fr: duke had just sent him there after I worked with him for over 30 minutes, lol
[8/2/2010 8:49:20 PM] Gracie: u know what NP i wont go in the lobby
[8/2/2010 8:49:34 PM] *Alexi Fr: SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 967)>when you click save attachments from your email, save it to your pics, desktop, whatever
[8/2/2010 8:49:47 PM] *Alexi Fr: SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 967)>go to account, then account page, then log in- click on myspace, and upload
[8/2/2010 8:49:47 PM] Gracie: yeah he had that
[8/2/2010 8:49:56 PM] Gracie: he was in preferences
[8/2/2010 8:50:24 PM] *Alexi Fr: yes, after all else failed, duke sent him there
[8/2/2010 8:50:26 PM] Gracie: i watched u all for a half hr & he was still in the wrong place
[8/2/2010 8:50:33 PM] *Alexi Fr: BS
[8/2/2010 8:50:43 PM] Gracie: he admit that himself
[8/2/2010 8:50:44 PM] *Alexi Fr: SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 967)>go to account, then account page, then log in- click on myspace, and upload
[8/2/2010 8:50:51 PM] *Alexi Fr: this was wrong info?
[8/2/2010 8:50:51 PM] Gracie: right
[8/2/2010 8:50:54 PM] Gracie: no
[8/2/2010 8:50:58 PM] Gracie: but he wasnt there
[8/2/2010 8:50:59 PM] *Alexi Fr: there ya go
[8/2/2010 8:51:08 PM] Gracie: he was in preferences
[8/2/2010 8:51:34 PM] *Alexi Fr: omg, convo so over << her famous words when she knows she WRONG (if ur on voice she hangs up on ya LOL
[8/2/2010 8:51:38 PM] Gracie: u know what its fine for every1 else

As you can see by the dates, they have been bitchin n moaning about every little thing with me for a LONG time! *wink*

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PostSubject: Re: Aww they got BUTT hurt!   Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:43 am

Awwww.. What A Friggen Baby! ~ Gotta Love -- This Convo Is So Over.. Elementary Shit Lol
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Aww they got BUTT hurt!
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