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 FREE ?????? not really

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FREE  ?????? not really  Empty
PostSubject: FREE ?????? not really    FREE  ?????? not really  I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 24, 2011 1:06 pm

Now the most broughtup point by npp faithfuls when defending any situation is its free money.

But should you buy this??? scratch scratch scratch scratch

Well nothing Is free in this world ( I did hav exceptions at a couple of sites tho lol ) npp and players are in a mutual deal.

Ppl get paid for clickin ads and even if they dnt click they do participate in tables with banners showing ads and likewise NPP earns $$$ by us seeing their ads/ clicking them. We spend our time clickin/ playing on them tables so how the hell its freee for us???? has our time got no value ???

And with advertising such a big business online these days any claims of npp struggling are just pure nonsense and a cheap excuse to make u feel grateful to them

and if they were struggling they wudna be sponsoring "pros" and running that shitty radio.

Frm an ex npp pro (tech guy) about 2 years ago

site is fucked up now. All these trojans in these ads. I had to reinstall windows two times last month, And they eat up all ur bandwidth. Npp is not running ads on their servers but on your internet. Wonder why your computer starts freezing up after some time and npp software is eating all the memory. Ever seen a java client act like that before?
Java is such a clean platform it wud never act like that . its cos the client is running ads on your computer from your internet and npp is making money out of it. They put stupid scripts you cant turn off.
I don’t play anything here except this game every week. Used to play rings before but now they are a joke. Only allins and bingo there, no real poker

And now they have increased their revenue significantly by premium/ referrals theres no point buyin that free bullshit

every player who joins through npp on affiliate will play some real money games.
all these games have rake/fee, and npp get a significant portion of these fees. thats why all these changes to push players to affiliate sites ( more on that laters )

so npp is earning as much (if not more) money as u are so dnt fall for that free shit nomore Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes affraid affraid
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FREE  ?????? not really  Empty
PostSubject: dont 4 get to click   FREE  ?????? not really  I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 24, 2011 1:19 pm

yeah he's making referral $ off ppl that join and deposit to these other site's, PAYPAL is gone USA PLAYERS are waisting their time on nopay for half a penny, just think the ppl in UK playing for a fraction of a half pence pfffft. DO THE MATH, their freeds are worthless. nopaypoker is making $ and ur NOT!!!!
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FREE ?????? not really
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