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 Should I be Scared hahaha

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PostSubject: Should I be Scared hahaha   Sat Mar 26, 2011 9:35 am

Remind yourself & your friends "ALL" the archives of you all back- stabbing people that I still have and copied & pasted in case they we're removed! Don't play this game or the few friends you do have left, will walk away, and how you hated Shea, for everything he did to you & Grace, oh yea, it's all been documented, so don't judge people I have more than enough!
You call yourself adults, I'm appauled!
By the way, shea's mods weren't under me & most mods we're recommended to me by you or G, what a joke! Oh, the players are our job and if there was a problem, we all discussed that player, not to mention you & G's comments on many players as you two would say, back stabbing? No, it was our job to discuss problem players and what or how to treat them, just like you said, Do I have to call Kam, cuzzzzzzzz, if you want to run in this similiar vein, by all means, please do, but, remember, I have archives, emails, etc. myself!
From Fake Ass, Alexi Fr, Yesterday 9:53 PM

Well Carol, 1st I would HAVE to CARE- Something you haven't learned yet, I don't scare all that easy, besides we all say/do things in the heat of anger, that is human nature, realizing that takes a bigger person- Hell I said shit about ppl but you can bet, when I say something I expect it to get back esp when dealing with backstabbers like yourself, there is ALWAYS a method to my madness!
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PostSubject: Re: Should I be Scared hahaha   Sat Mar 26, 2011 10:34 am

Omg.. she called people backstabbers. LMAOOOOOO. No one deserves the crown for "backstabber" more than Carol aka Alexi aka SmokinHott.

Does she actually believe her own bs? Talking about "problem players"? Well, I guess winning in mod games makes Flyer and I problem players. And, geez Gracie, you defended the truth, fact, and what was right. Guess ur a problem "player" too. NOT!!! But LMAOOOO at Hott's attempts to discredit you. Just goes to show who is really sad and pathetic, and scrambling to cover her fat ass. There was ALOT more in that pathetic Mod Gossip Chat than talking about a problem player. Winning doesn't make someone a problem player, the ONLY problem was the fact that you were talking trash for your own sick, personal needs to make yourself feel better.

Carol should really think before she utters her usual bs. She steps in more shit than cows do in the pasture. You call yourself adults, I'm appauled! OMG... considering SHE was the one talking chit behind people's back.. she should be appalled (<<correct spelling)... at herself for showing how she seriously needs spelling lessons and for being the instigator in such pathetic gossip spreading, fabricated story telling, and out and out lies.

Gracie has more class in her little finger, than you could ever hope to have in your entire sad life. She says it like it is.. doesn't sugar coat it, doesn't cower down out of fear... like most of ur pretend friends. You, CAROL, have friends based on fear, out of fear, and control friends by intimidation and nastiness. That's why you will never have real friends, just those "online" fools who actually believe the garbage you sputter.

Again Carol.. Jealousy is a sickness, and makes you ugly on the inside, where it really matters. Go get help!
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PostSubject: Re: Should I be Scared hahaha   Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:42 am

again i will say, i like everyone on this lil forum.....had my problems with gracie and schatzi both, both long past, and personally i think theyre both great ladies to be honest. but saying that i'll say this....this has the feeling of when u urself have experienced something, some wrongdoing, and u see someone else heading down the same road, be that ur kids or ur friends, and u try to tell them that the same thing is gonna happen to them. they dont listen of course, because, well, it just canttttt possible happen to them cause they "arent like you". i tried to tell several ppl, yourselves included, that i was not an evil person, nor was rocky....alby, well, alby was but when dealing with someone like the bleached blonde bombshell, you have two options....1) you constantly kiss her tushie, at the very least give it a pat 2 or 3 times a day, tell her how wonderfullllll she is, how smart, how u wish to be just like her at some point in ur life, and how u believe the pics she puts up on her profiles are actually her, OR (omg, i actually made myself spit up a lil just typing all that)...anyway, OR 2) you consider what makes her behave the way she does. if all i had in my life to make me feel important was a penny ante poker site where even pennys arent worth a penny, a boyfriend who used my head for a punching bag when he had too much to drink, which is often, or a mirror which reminded me every day that even a facelift would be a useless procedure.....well, id be a lil bitchy as well. and id prolly do everything in my power to make me feel a lil more important too!! so dont judge the bombshell too harshly......oh, and welcome to the darkside....u'll find its much more fun....and honest, here with us misfits. PLUS, your breath wont be nearly as funky as some of the others there who, for some reason i have never understood, continue to kiss the ass of a person "running" a bastard poker site.

by the way....does my hair look better this way or straight?? afro

v.p. of misfits inc.
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PostSubject: Re: Should I be Scared hahaha   Sun Mar 27, 2011 12:17 pm

LOL Layla, I kinda like ur new Fro- Like it so much had mine did too afro hahahaha

Yeah it's true, you see it but you can't grasp that at any given moment it COULD happen to you, then comes the ahhhh haaaaa they were right moment lol

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PostSubject: Beyond Entertained   Sat May 21, 2011 2:57 pm

Outfuckingstanding Layla; I lost my socks through laughter....hey, in reading just about all of the posts that have been made here by the most honorable 'ShitHeads', where I could only hope to be listed amongst the memebrship, since I know of no 'ShitHead' who is a bigger 'Shithead' than I am, I've got to tell you that I have been just about exhausted with entertainment. But, the above post, your post, quite literally had me laughing so hard that tears filled my eyes; and, I honestly can't remember the last time that happened. Thanks for providing me with the opportunity to delight my often vagrant sense of humor, I loved it. And, best regards to both you and Rock....I hope all is well

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PostSubject: Re: Should I be Scared hahaha   

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Should I be Scared hahaha
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