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 Admin Meltdown?? *ewwww can't handle her own gossip*

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PostSubject: Admin Meltdown?? *ewwww can't handle her own gossip*   Tue Mar 29, 2011 6:52 pm

<9errrrrrrrr(85)>omg i cant believe this suzzi i just heard in chatsbanned that gracie has lost her account too im in shock
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>Why 9er, their on a mission to destroy nmy name, lmao
<suzzie(MOD - 926)>9errrrr ok, you know that isn't for the lobby either hun.. please
<bonebag(MOD - 967)>oh boy. Bye bye
<only1dani(MOD - 9)>9 er, u were just told not lobby conversations
<bonebag(MOD - 967)>He'll be back in a couple days
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>Well, let's bring it, i've had enough, let the truth be told
<giffer(962)>hey smokin hun hugssssssssssssss
<suzzie(MOD - 926)>hey smokinhott gl hun..
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>hey ev1
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>they enjoying themselves fly?<<WOW, zeee rulesss zeee rulessss hehehehe
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>hey lex
<bonebag(MOD - 967)>Hiay Hott. He can't bring it lol
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>hey giff
<giffer(962)>hey tatt hun
<RayEllemar(DJ - 930)>Hey Hott
<RayEllemar(DJ - 930)>Hey Tatt
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>hey ray
<suzzie(MOD - 926)>hey tatt gl
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>hey suz u2
<bonebag(MOD - 967)>Hiya Tatt Smile GL today
<xBooBoox(PRO - 990)>hi Hott, bonessssss, Ray,giff
<giffer(962)>hey boo
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>u2 bones Wink
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>now, this is my lobbby, so they build a forum, to defame people and tell nothing but lies, i have more respect for CB then them
<kevin4545(3)>ge miss hottttt n tatt
<RayEllemar(DJ - 930)>Hey Boo
<xBooBoox(PRO - 990)>Hott i saw that was terrible Sad
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 997)>cyber bullys;) opps going to my corner
<kimbaone(932)>hiya bone wb tatts gl
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>They never stop boo, but ya know what, they will lose the war, trust me talking trash about me & Dukre
<xBooBoox(PRO - 990)>lol
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>hi kim thx
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)><< has had it
<xBooBoox(PRO - 990)>i knew one was trouble makes, but surprised at other
<xBooBoox(PRO - 990)>maker*
<spanner(2)>gg boss
<tazzie25(MOD - 983)>gotta be strong hotty, not worth it hugs Smile
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>hey ya tazz
<rollon(894)>lol mineeeeeeeeee
<kimbaone(932)>hiya tazzz gl
<tgu2k8(936)>gg spanner
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>They can kiss my ass
<giffer(962)>tazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hun hugsssssssssssss
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>and anyone that condones this crap
<tazzie25(MOD - 983)>hi tatt kimba n \wtg hotty Smile
<tazzie25(MOD - 983)>hi giff hugs to u n gla Smile
<Zuess08(PRO - 993)>(((( hugs hotttt)))))
<coyotegal(94)>Hiya all! N gl n da games as always!
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 997)>yup noticed a few cb members are members there Neutral...why play here if you feel that way
<xBooBoox(PRO - 990)>wot tazz said Hott Smile
<chiptrouble(981)>lobby getting new rules lmao\
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>hey pippy
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 997)>hi tattttt gl
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>yea, why did they join, exactly pip, 9er defended us<<defending ur BS u mean, wow nice crew
<tazzie25(MOD - 983)>exactly pip
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>chip, plz stop
<xBooBoox(PRO - 990)>i didnt join NEVER i just went to see post, and i think the other did 2
<giffer(962)>hey berllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll m8
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)><< venting after 3yrs. of bullys, ok<<funny that's exactly how I feel=)
<vega77(965)>hi Hott gl
<rollon(894)>i dont know anyt, but NPP is the best
<berlinracing(961)>ge giffffffff Smile
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>hey roll hunnnnnnnnn Wink
<rollon(894)>tatt hunnnnn :-D
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 997)>right on rolllllll!!!!!
<xBooBoox(PRO - 990)>ino ur !#@#ed Hott i wud be too
<berlinracing(961)>no league games going so im gone tc
<tazzie25(MOD - 983)>is ok hotty can understand and support your venting hugsss Smile
<rollon(894)>:-) pippy
<kimbaone(932)>hiya berrr gl
<giffer(962)>tc berl hag1
<rollon(894)>Hotttttttttttttttttttttttt :-)
<rollon(894)>berllllllllllllllllllll lol
<justwannabme(962)>just got here,hope she venting on the dog
<only1dani(MOD - 9)>hey
<bonebag(MOD - 967)>Thanks, ray. I love this song Smile
<justwannabme(962)>good evening
<giffer(962)>hey just
<RayEllemar(DJ - 930)>yvw
<justwannabme(962)>hi giff
<suzzie(MOD - 926)>DJ Ray is now playing the best Country Music and your all time favorites on NoPay Radio. Click on Promotions top left, then click "Meet the DJs at NoPayRADIO!"
<xBooBoox(PRO - 990)>grrrrrrrrrrrr on the dog Sad
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>hey ray , u know which one u could throw in appropriate to this situation eh ? lol
<kimbaone(932)>i need a coff anybody brb
<xBooBoox(PRO - 990)>i Love dogs
<justwannabme(962)>figured dani was here,is all
<only1dani(MOD - 9)>Hott has the support of all the mods
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>dannersssssss
<Zuess08(PRO - 993)>hott 9er would likr you to come to cb please
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 997)>right on!!!
<rollon(894)>hiya justttttt gl m8
<only1dani(MOD - 9)>tattererssss
<actionjimbo(MOD - 973)>yes she does
<tazzie25(MOD - 983)>indeed she does
<justwannabme(962)>hi roll
<rollon(894)>bonebaaaaaagggg hiyaaaaa, gllllllllllll :-)
<RayEllemar(DJ - 930)>Coming up next Tatt
<bonebag(MOD - 967)>Hiya rollon Smile GL today
<KAJUNSPICE(64)>~~~Hiya NoPayerssssss~~~~ hugsssssss and gle1
<giffer(962)>hey bone
<xBooBoox(PRO - 990)>hi Kaj
<justwannabme(962)>hi kajun
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>hi ya kaj
<giffer(962)>hey kaj hun hugssssssssssssss
<suzzie(MOD - 926)>hey kajun huggggggggsssssss gl hun Smile
<tazzie25(MOD - 983)>kajjjjjjjjjjjjjjj wb n huggggggs to u Smile
<kevin4545(3)>hi kaj
<rollon(894)>hiya kaj :-), glllllllllll
<chiptrouble(981)>hi kaj gl 2day
<RayEllemar(DJ - 930)>Hey Kajun
<KAJUNSPICE(64)>suzz imma win the 10k tonight just saying lol
<suzzie(MOD - 926)>ok u do that i'll lose i guarantee it
<tazzie25(MOD - 983)>weeeeeeeeee gl kaj
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 997)>go get em 10k playersssssss
<kimbaone(932)>hiya kajj gl
<rollon(894)>gl with that lol
<KAJUNSPICE(64)>patience suzz patience
<stevieboi77(937)>hi all how is every1
<kevin4545(3)>hi tazzie
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 997)>ok imma root for suzz tonight...just sayin
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 997)>Razz
<KAJUNSPICE(64)>lol pip
<rollon(894)>fine stevie, u?? gl lol
<RayEllemar(DJ - 930)>Jim Croce - You Don't Mess Around With Hott
<suzzie(MOD - 926)>haha pippy
<justwannabme(962)>well,im older than yesterday
<stevieboi77(937)>very good thanks u2
<xBooBoox(PRO - 990)>sry guys just one more thing, ppl joined so they could post their feelings there, that cudnt be said in lobby, OK i'm done Ty
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>if they had any sense, i tried to step down again before i fired Grace, she should of waited before giving out mod info & sxc for trying to defame me, the fake, 51 yr old !#@#!<< Hahahaha U fired me cuz U knew I was gonna quit, So U LIED to get what U wanted weeeeeeeeeee
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>hahahah not that one ray but the blake shelton one
<suzzie(MOD - 926)>i dont have patience - i'm not a doctor i tell you!! lol
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>altho lex isnt country still would work lol
<RayEllemar(DJ - 930)>K, next
<stevieboi77(937)>smokin not happy today?
<suzzie(MOD - 926)>559940 $20000 Monthly Pre-Qualifier 7/10 - Registering -
<chiptrouble(981)>next is good lol
<spanner(2)>gg boss your luck ran out there
<tazzie25(MOD - 983)>hi kev gl 2u2 ty Smile
<tgu2k8(936)>no comment spanner, you hit everything lol
<suzzie(MOD - 926)>hey tazzie gl hun
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>yea fly, copy that & give it to your lady who pays your premium, lmao<< wow abusing a player???
<xBooBoox(PRO - 990)>wow Hott is Hot !!!
<tazzie25(MOD - 983)>hi suzzie tyvm and 2u2 Smile
<suzzie(MOD - 926)>ty tazzie
<spanner(2)>didnt hit rivers 2 win game
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>boo, i have sat silent for over three years, enough is enough!]i]<< yes U can't handle the truth thats why hahahaha besides we been down that rooad b4, now u wanna play the victim[/i]
<xBooBoox(PRO - 990)>i know
<RICHARDLNMT(45)>Hope you can still play the dance ray - e-mailed my lady in Wyoming to let her know to expect it - my song to her as you might guess- it sucks when someone is 1200 miles out of reach
<stevieboi77(937)><<passes hott a beer
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>don't worry guys, i will submit thids chat personally to support and the owners<!<my herooooooooooooo NOT
<RayEllemar(DJ - 930)>Tell her it is next.
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>this*
<flyersfan16(853)> looool im not premium
<RayEllemar(DJ - 930)>Blake Shelton - Kiss My Country Ass
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>ty ray
<RICHARDLNMT(45)>can I stick my two cents in here??? - I don't get what all the controversy ends up being about - aren't we here to play cards - - why all this personal conflict???
<rollon(894)>lmao Ray
<RayEllemar(DJ - 930)>yw
<Blirt1965(966)>bah gg vega
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>npot now fly, should i post the archive where sxc tells me?<< u are barking up the WRONG tree there=)) as usual!!
<vega77(965)>gg blirt
<flyersfan16(853)>sure go ahead
<rollon(894)>di u request tatt hun??
<flyersfan16(853)>she paid for my premium
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>yes rollon
<flyersfan16(853)>cause i wouldnt
<flyersfan16(853)>so post away
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>pfffffffffffffffffffffft
<pippy04111(MOD PRO - 997)>na dont scoop gf
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>i won't stoop to all your levels<<< no but I stooped to urs to prove a point, u LIED
<flyersfan16(853)>to my level
<flyersfan16(853)>where have i posted
<flyersfan16(853)>and stoop to a level havent u already
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>oh you da man behind da woms, how dumb do you think i am fly]i]<<OMG LOLOLOL woahhh![/i]
<flyersfan16(853)>u think i created !#@# 24
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>when why how, oh please
<flyersfan16(853)>thats another xmod
<rollon(894)>497, 200 freeds, 24 minutes.........
<rollon(894)>here i go spanneeeeerrr
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>i know who it is
<flyersfan16(853)>i dont create sites sorry
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>cuppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
<flyersfan16(853)>so how am i behind
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>So screw up in NPP, they blame hotties, yea ok<<< Ummm u do the screwing, go ahead blame every1 else, typical
<rollon(894)>grrr, is full
<bonebag(MOD - 967)>Howdy Shelly Smile
<flyersfan16(853)>how did what ppl say screw up npp
<ShellyIsHere(MOD - 904)>hi Smile
<suzzie(MOD - 926)>Hey Shelly hun..hugssss gl
<ShellyIsHere(MOD - 904)>I was listening to kiss my country ass Smile
<rollon(894)>hiya Shelly, gl :-)
<suzzie(MOD - 926)>good song there Smile
<ShellyIsHere(MOD - 904)>hey suzzie (((((hugs))))
<xBooBoox(PRO - 990)>hi Shelly
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>lol shelly
<RICHARDLNMT(45)>very cool Ray
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>fly read, when they screw up, they want to blame me for their account closure
<ShellyIsHere(MOD - 904)>hey rollon and booboo Smile and tatt and richard hi hott Smile
<tazzie25(MOD - 983)>hi shelly gl this evening Smile
<flyersfan16(853)>well shatz didnt do nothing to npp
<ShellyIsHere(MOD - 904)>thanks
<rollon(894)>:-) Shelly
<flyersfan16(853)>she confronted u on skype
<flyersfan16(853)>not here
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>no, just bashing me to hell and back, so lay off fly
<flyersfan16(853)>as for gracie i dont know what she did
<vega77(965)>hi shelly gl
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)she !#@#, she got dulke on skype , she didn't have the courage to skype me<<NOT sure who "she" is but I know U don't mean me
<RayEllemar(DJ - 930)>Hey Shelly
<ShellyIsHere(MOD - 904)>hello vega Smile and good luck
<flyersfan16(853)>who gracie
<ShellyIsHere(MOD - 904)>hi Ray
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>some1 telling more lies?<<< YES YOU!!
<flyersfan16(853)>who went in wolfe account and pasted the link hom talking to homegrown
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>she bashed me about npp to duke on his skype hunny, not mine<<hmmmmmmm still not sure who she means- I wouldn't waste my time
<flyersfan16(853)>when homegrown a man lol
<jonathanmr2(193)>i have been removed from tournament because the program dont respond me thats injust
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>hey, fly excuse me !#@# off
<flyersfan16(853)>u said i was up to something
<rollon(894)>uff jonathan
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>well?
<flyersfan16(853)>i just would like to know what im upto
<only1dani(MOD - 9)>sorry jonathan, since its a freeroll you will just have to join another, i apologise
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>let the truth be known, lol
<flyersfan16(853)>truth what truth
<flyersfan16(853)>fill me in
<RICHARDLNMT(45)>I have to recouperate from that one now - whew
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>exactly, all liesssssssssssssssss<< yes cuz she says SO!
<flyersfan16(853)>what are lies
<flyersfan16(853)>so all the mod chat gossip i read there saying im a ass was all made up?
<jonathanmr2(193)>whyin the final table jajaja
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>fly, shut the !#@# up<<WOW do as I say NOT as I do
<bonebag(MOD - 967)>Can we all take a deep breath here please?
<ShellyIsHere(MOD - 904)>here are my two cents to you flyersfan16 if you are not part of the issue and do not know the issue you do not need to be fill in because it is none of your bussines
<flyersfan16(853)>that i shouldnt be able to play mod games every 2 nd month
<rollon(894)>lol jonathan, glllllllllllll
<xxYuMMyxx(12)>pippy r u here
<flyersfan16(853)>well u accusing me of what ever i would just like to know
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>it was a suggestion due to the fact, you & sxc always pick same month and using messengers etc, i've seen it fly, ok<< BS, u cant seem to keep sxc out ur mouth, jealousyyyy
<flyersfan16(853)>i havent said or posted anything
<flyersfan16(853)>i dont have messenger
<candyman513(919)>bad boy fly
<flyersfan16(853)>so u accusing me of cheating
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>ok via a little birdy told me
<candyman513(919)>you need a time out
<RICHARDLNMT(45)>Thanks again Ray - gotta takle a break for a bit - too much fur flying in here - - you all need to take a look at yourselves and think about growin up - this is childish
<flyersfan16(853)>yes a little birdy lol
<flyersfan16(853)>i dont have messenger
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>we;ll richard, you have no clue what this is about, sop stay out of it
<flyersfan16(853)>a yahoo that been logged in over a year
<flyersfan16(853)>and a skype id i created for radio that day that i dont remeber
<rollon(894)>000, 20 Heads, 1/2......
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>gl roll
<rollon(894)>:-) ty hunnnnn
<coyotegal(94)>HiYA rollon :0)
<RICHARDLNMT(45)>I'm not gettin in it at all - it's just too bad it has to take up so much time in here - sorry to hear that there are issues with some - - play the game and enjoy - that's what I'm here - and no need to get uppity either - just trying to impart some calming words<< soooo RIGHT, the LOBBY is NOT The place=) practice what u preach
<suzzie(MOD - 926)>hey coyotegal gl
<rollon(894)>hiya coyote sweetyyyy :-D
<only1dani(MOD - 9)>Richard you were asked to stay out of it plz do
<coyotegal(94)>hi suzzie
<longhairdrednek(641)>ill play ya roll
<ShellyIsHere(MOD - 904)>I agree Richard
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>it sure is richard, three years and cabout time I spoke my peace in here, deal with it everyday
<rollon(894)>sorry long, is full, but we can try the nextttt :-D
<longhairdrednek(641)>next time
<only1dani(MOD - 9)>Anyone at this time that would like to close the chat is welcome to, ty
<rollon(894)>lol, in 10 minutes maybe
<flyersfan16(853)>so its ok for u to use lobby as your forum but we all have to hush
<only1dani(MOD - 9)>just click hide chat
<RayEllemar(DJ - 930)>Dolly Parton - Coat of Many Colors
<rollon(894)>lol mineeeeeeeeeeee
<stevieboi77(937)>hi dani hows u
<only1dani(MOD - 9)>good ty stevie gl
<stevieboi77(937)>ty u2
<ShellyIsHere(MOD - 904)>thank you Ray I loves that song <3 <3 <3
<rollon(894)>so nice...
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>where else can I go fly, you guys talk smak on me but I'm not allowed to post<< how about my skype??
<RayEllemar(DJ - 930)>yvw
<stevieboi77(937)>how do i listen to the songs?
<bonebag(MOD - 967)>U open a can of worms, you are bound to find worms fly
<flyersfan16(853)>where have i posted
<flyersfan16(853)>please show me
<suzzie(MOD - 926)>DJ Ray is now playing the best Country Music and your all time favorites on NoPay Radio. Click on Promotions top left, then click "Meet the DJs at NoPayRADIO!"
<only1dani(MOD - 9)>promotions meet the djs stevie
<ShellyIsHere(MOD - 904)>((((((((((smokinhtt))))))))
<rollon(894)>stevie, and u can request toooo ;-)
<stevieboi77(937)>ok ill try now thanks
<only1dani(MOD - 9)>great
<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>to slick for that fly, u like npp to much as they & we all do]i]<< "we" aint french, speak for urself![/i]
<stevieboi77(937)>do they play english songs lol?
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>roll u do this one?
<xBooBoox(PRO - 990)>how could 2 ppl get 2gether on net, if they don't have hoo or messenger???
<only1dani(MOD - 9)>this shift is country music stevie
<rollon(894)>yes hun
<YehRightOK(MOD - 32)>Wink
<stevieboi77(937)>ok im sure i can get used to it lol
<xBooBoox(PRO - 990)>shud say on a site
<kimbaone(932)>hiya dani gl

Yawnnnn im bored with her garbage, make bets she ain't going anywhere, Gawd I heard that same ole story so many times ugh

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PostSubject: Re: Admin Meltdown?? *ewwww can't handle her own gossip*   Tue Mar 29, 2011 7:23 pm

We know you all are watching this forum, just itching to post your own horror story, but won't for fear of retaliation, but thats ok, we understand, we know you all have our backs =)
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PostSubject: Re: Admin Meltdown?? *ewwww can't handle her own gossip*   Tue Mar 29, 2011 7:31 pm

Well said Gracie... and I agree that many would love to post their awful encounters with Carol.

But we are very good examples of what happens if you do... You get your NPP account closed, freeds confiscated.. then lied about and trashed in the NPP Lobby. Regardless of the fact that we never broke a rule at NPP.

And just to clarify something: NO ONE trashed NPP.. only spoke about you personally Carol.. AFTER you got caught talking BS about us behind our backs. At least we went to you personally first.. Unlike ur useless backstabbing self.

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PostSubject: Re: Admin Meltdown?? *ewwww can't handle her own gossip*   Wed Mar 30, 2011 3:35 am

and its all cuppys fault blame her i fucking love it ill take the blame u stupid fucker
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PostSubject: Re: Admin Meltdown?? *ewwww can't handle her own gossip*   Sat Apr 02, 2011 8:36 pm

funny thing how the head mod can vent in lobby and abuse every rule the site has. the head mod should be the one that leads by example. imma guessing that example kinda went out the window with this convo.
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PostSubject: Re: Admin Meltdown?? *ewwww can't handle her own gossip*   Sat Apr 02, 2011 8:53 pm

im kinda glad she brought up the chatbanned site. if people remember correctly that site was started for exactly the same reason as this one. people lost their chat on nopay and vented on their own site(sound familiar). many people hung out at chatbanned and downgraded nopay, trust me , i saw it. as time went on, chatbanned actually became a part of nopay. we had our share of headaches with em, the only difference being is that their venting ended up in our lobby over time and was taken care of accordingly. as im sure some of the sites owners will agree, they caused more than their share of headaches but thru it all they were still a part of nopay and were kinda integrated into nopay. 9er was one of the originals on nopay and chatsbanned and he and i butted heads more than once. i actually came to like 9er's sense of humour over time. ya he pushed the boundaries quite a bit and on more than one occasion had me laughing my head off. as im sure 9er can attest too, i consider myself a straightshooter, call it like i see it. no one enjoyed a laugh in the lobby more than i. most people that knew me and saw me in lobby knew i could have people in the knots laughing, cause believe it or not, imma funny guy. love a good joke and always liked to make others laugh. but it seems to me that for a long time now, nopay has not allowed people to have fun and laugh. wasn't that kinda what the site was supposed to be, play some poker, chat a little, laugh a lot and not start a war. seems to me that is a thing of the past. just think, i haven't been there in so long and i bet i can still tell ya what happens and who did what.

peace my brothers
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PostSubject: Re: Admin Meltdown?? *ewwww can't handle her own gossip*   Mon Apr 04, 2011 7:11 am

<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>now, this is my lobbby, so they build a forum, to defame people and tell nothing but lies, i have more respect for CB then them

Hmm defame, really, isn't that what you did to me with support, wow the irony is rich!

Petiton to Admin of NoPayPoker

Dear Michael and Support:

This is a request to have the chatsbann forum removed from NoPayPoker as an affiliate. We understand that they only have the banner at this point and, therefore, they are not a "paid affiliate".

The problem comes in that no matter what we do or say, we cannot win with many players, most of which are chatsbann members. Chatsbann does nothing for the good of NPP except to continually and purposely cause trouble. Their members do not click ads (by their own admission), they do not bring any new members to the site, so how are they helping NPP grow? If anything, they are driving players away!

If we reprimand them, boot them for a short duration, or even for months, the mods are then harrassed or threatened through Privae Messages. It matters not whether we are nice to them or not, we feel we just can't win, and we are sick of babysitting people who are supposedly adults.

Please consider this Peition seriously, as most (if not all) of us are ready to pack it in...the constant negativity is nerve wracking to say the least. It has almost become a 24-hour nightmare, regardless of which shift we work.

All the best,

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PostSubject: Re: Admin Meltdown?? *ewwww can't handle her own gossip*   Mon Apr 04, 2011 1:09 pm

hmmmm, well, i have to believe there's been some sort of mistake made here. claiming to support the chatbanned forum, yet at the same time starting a petition to have them removed from nopay, in my opinion smacks of hypocrisy, and well, i just find it difficult to believe that hottie would do such a thing. it would almost appear that she had been caught doing a bit of double dealing, and speaking with forked tongue. now, i ask you, does that sound like something the great and powerful "hot one" would do?? oh yeah, does sound like her, sorry. please disregard this post. Shocked
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PostSubject: Re: Admin Meltdown?? *ewwww can't handle her own gossip*   

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Admin Meltdown?? *ewwww can't handle her own gossip*
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