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 Letter to MT

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Letter to MT  Empty
PostSubject: Letter to MT    Letter to MT  I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 29, 2011 7:16 pm

From: ~Gracie~ <>
Subject: My Acct
To: "MrT" <>
Date: Thursday, March 17, 2011, 12:07 PM

Hi Michael,

I would appreciate it if you would hear me out please- I don't want my Modship back nor do I want my account back, I feel you should know SOME of the stuff that's been going on. I was ready to give notice & step down, The way she did it leaves a lot to be desired but oh well I consider the source, I Do however feel closing my acct & taking my Freeds was dirty!.

Even after sending you my log in info, NOTHING was done about her childish (backstabber) remark on the forum, it's just fine for her & her bf to antagonize people, has been for a long long time now. It's no wonder players had enough.

Mods were told by Carol that you watch the chat, IF that's true you would know,I did my job & did it very well not to mention I am well liked there. NO ONE can say I didn't do more then my share there with total fairness to ALL, and I did it for the GOOD of NPP, you could have asked the REAL Mods like Kaj, Kam, Diva, Tazz, Jimbo if that is true, hell you can even ask players what kind of Mod I was! I did my shift everyday and some, while I was working with Wolf (Carols Pet) I even made the pervert tone himself down, there was a time he broke the very rules we enforce, as far as talking sexual. (I noticed he's back to his old perverted ways again)
Carol has been treating me like crap for the last few months, Duke was harassing me on skype since back in August (probably around the same time I went from a great Mod to a Bad one in Carols eyes, it's nothing personal tho) BS.

As I said I have had these problems with those 2 for awhile now, Diva knows all about it too.

This is only 1 small example of what I have been dealing with:

[11:37:30 PM] *Duke: Heres one for your quotes , I'd rather fall and do a face splash then end up with stains from towing my head behind someones ass
[11:38:53 PM] Gracie: u bored?
~~~then he comes at me thru his NOPAYRADIO skype~~~
[11:41:27 PM] NoPayRadio: dont play stupid
[11:42:21 PM] NoPayRadio: I dont need to hide as you are aware I dont care and I speak my peace ass do you now buck up
[11:42:40 PM] Gracie: i dont give 2 shits either
[11:42:40 PM] NoPayRadio: yea ok cover it

~~~~when I brought it to Carols attention~~~~

[11:44:25 PM] *Alexi Fr: "Some things are not NPP related, so ties my hands, but ppl make quotes and talk G, alot of back stabbing goes on, but unless NPP related, I could care less" [11:44:54 PM] Gracie: "ok np hott- i can handle myself very well"
Well she's WRONG there, it does have something to do with NPP, stuff like that causes animosity!

Now, I KNOW full well what will happen IF I went back to NPP, I am sure you remember how Kajun was treated, it will be the same way, I will be harassed daily so after being @ NP for almost 5 years I don't feel I should waste anymore of my time there.

Thank you for your Time,
All the best with NoPayPoker,
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Letter to MT
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