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 Banned on non-verified suspicions

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Banned on non-verified suspicions Empty
PostSubject: Banned on non-verified suspicions   Banned on non-verified suspicions I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 31, 2011 6:21 pm

There are MANY that can say they have no idea why they were banned, no one seems to care. Now how does a site grow when SHIT like this is going on?

<fbREBORN(898)>before i leave this site i would just like to know what i have done wrong on here? i have had my account closed for no reason whatso ever & no will give me a reason why? i have emailed support & get no reply, lol, anyway been nice playing here shame it had to come to this but i feel badly done to!!! my other playing name was fizzbomb so gl to all and happy playing, hope this issue could of been sorted out for me, but what the hell, all another day, always another site goodbye everyone

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Banned on non-verified suspicions
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