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 For those who remember BigStu

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PostSubject: For those who remember BigStu   Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:09 am

BigStu was "asst admin" to Carol during the beginning (not sure if it was b4 or after Giffer stepped down)- Carol (hott) took total advantage of Stu, her & her bf (duke) were MIA for MONTHS which left Stu running the "show" that man was here 24/7 & the few mods we had then put in TONS of hours-
Stu was the greatest guy to work with, if a mod did or said something that may be taken wrong, he told you in nice way on YAHOO chat (he didn't call & scream at ya like banshee) He was fair, pleasant, fun and all around good guy, every1 in NPP liked him because he treated every1 the same, there were no favorites & he sure as hell didn't put players down in the lobby (like duke is ALLOWED to)!!

Well when she came back from her who the hell knows or cares, Stu was already at wits end & started drinking heavily from all the stress of not knowing what was going on with Carol (coming back or not) she didn't even bother to call the guy & let him know whats up- how f'd up is that!?!?

So what does Carol (hott) do to Stu when she returns, ummmmm can you guess????

She convinces the owner (all too familiar!) he isn't reliable because he's drinking too much. She knew he was a recovering alcoholic & she didn't care that she herself put all that pressure on him & drove him to drink!
In all reality, IF you can't tell by all these posts why she really fired him, you can't read for SHIT or you think I am Bullshitting ya.

Stu held NPP & the current mods together, Stu was reliable, honest, a team player, fun, respected, popular, ALL the things she is NOT, he became a threat to her "position" just like everyone else with MORALS. She USED him & threw him away just like so many others, thedon, cuppie, badbeat the list goes on!!

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For those who remember BigStu
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