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 Here's a tibdbit for dumb asses LOL

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PostSubject: Here's a tibdbit for dumb asses LOL   Tue Apr 05, 2011 9:41 pm

TaTTs Tidbit: does ev1 know that when u log into npp ur only logging into the site not ur acct, so it would be good if u went ahead n did that not only can u earn d's this way but also log enuf hours,by playing games during the week, to play the Loyalty game on Saturday...ty n gl

Tidbit, are you serious?? LOLOLOL
Even a dumb SHIT knows you can't earn D's logging into the website, it's just a way for them to be nosy to find out if your a multi or some asinine shit- Another case of BS LIES or don't know wtf they are talking about- Sheeesh keep treating players like they have no sense ffs LOLOL

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PostSubject: Re: Here's a tibdbit for dumb asses LOL   Tue Apr 05, 2011 10:30 pm

FFS THE MULTI'S ARE SMARTER THAN U LOT...HATE to tell ya but multi's know more about the site than most of the mods ANy multi on that site KNOWS not to log in ffs... its in the multi handbook. so why lie 2 ppl and it is a bold faced lie u get SHIT ... u know FUCK ALL for logging in to ur account....nothin!
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PostSubject: Tatt's Tidbit Still Stupid   Wed Apr 06, 2011 8:00 am

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO... too much "smoke" is all I can say. A few more brain cells obviously bit the dust.

OMG... She still doesn't have a clue. And no one has educated her.. Here she is ONCE again talking and stepping knee deep in it:

<kamraladympr(MOD DJ - 927)>Saturday Loyalty Freeroll - Every Saturday 7pm EST- Qualify by playing 10 or more hours during the calendar week. 
<kimbaone(965)>hiya kam gl
<kamraladympr(MOD DJ - 927)>hi kim thx u2
<YehRightOK(MOD - 974)>^^but u have to be logged into account to attain the hrs of game play

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PostSubject: Re: Here's a tibdbit for dumb asses LOL   

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Here's a tibdbit for dumb asses LOL
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