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 Petitons (B4 the ass kissing began)

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PostSubject: Petitons (B4 the ass kissing began)   Tue Apr 12, 2011 10:11 am

<SmokinHott(MOD ADM - 957)>now, this is my lobbby, so they build a forum, to defame people and tell nothing but lies, i have more respect for CB then them <<<< LOL oh REALLY, NO SHIT hahahahah!

This petition (final version) was created by Diva at the request of Admin (hott) during a LIVE skype mod meeting, ALL mods were in total agreement!

March 25, 2010

Petition to Admin of NoPayPoker

Dear Michael and Support:

This is a request to have the chatsbann forum removed from NoPayPoker as an affiliate. We understand that they only have the banner at this point and, therefore, they are not a "paid affiliate".

The problem comes in that no matter what we do or say, we cannot win with many players, most of which are chatsbann members. Chatsbann does nothing for the good of NPP except to continually and purposely cause trouble. Their members do not click ads (by their own admission), they do not bring any new members to the site, so how are they helping NPP grow? If anything, they are driving players away!

If we reprimand them, boot them for a short duration, or even for months, the mods are then harassed or threatened through Private Messages. It matters not whether we are nice to them or not, we feel we just can't win, and we are sick of babysitting people who are supposedly adults.

We are all working hard to make this the best site on the net and it feels as though we are working in vain. We are upset that cb’ers are getting away with bashing NPP and/or the moderators; yet we are supposed to have the responsibility, but no authority! When will it end?

This is the result of letting stray dogs in; we have to bow to them and then receive threatening PM’s from them and are unable to respond in kind.

Please consider this Petition seriously, as most (if not all) of us are ready to pack it in. The constant negativity is nerve wracking to say the least. It has almost become a 24-hour nightmare, regardless of which shift we work.

All the best,

I will leave the signatures out for NOW

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Posts : 284
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Age : 63

PostSubject: CB "respects" u2!   Tue Apr 12, 2011 10:13 am

Pls understand the following petition was written by paddyfman, Kam and Kajs forum was not involved.
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Petitons (B4 the ass kissing began)
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