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PostSubject: NOpaypoker (non) Support   NOpaypoker (non) Support I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 21, 2011 1:38 pm

Hi all you lurkers, sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I sure have been enjoying this great weather & MY FREE time these days! flower

I have witnessed some real SHIT as far as support tickets @ NOpay- IF you don't suck ASS & you are not 1 of the "special" 1's, contacting support is USELESS when your banned or closed for NOTHING, cuz either Lee is lost out there somewhere or Carol is answering those tickets (with the help of her ahem "MAN"Rolling Eyes) cuz the answers are VERY VERY unprofessional lately & usually unrelated to the subject matter in question, which in turn is making the site look more SHITTY!

When/IF you contact them with a legitmate complaint, they respond with foolish BS @ an attempt to make you look like a fool because the mods are "always right"...even when they are DEAD wrong.
Proper customer service is "the customer is always right!" - Support has it bassackwards and that's they way they want it.
Don't waste your time your better off leaving the site cuz your NOTHING more then a SHITTY # anyway

*NOpaypoker is now Carol n Duanes playground*
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NOpaypoker (non) Support
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