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 Misc Chat & opinions

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PostSubject: Misc Chat & opinions   Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:11 pm

<yehrightok> kam table 360 u got a camper
<yehrightok> lol burn their tent
<cjmajor25> let g handle it
<natasha1978> why is duke picking on Kaj she lost her chat again for no reason
<cjmajor25> kam is playing
<yehrightok> :O
<yehrightok> then i just tell her on hoo how bout that
<D_M_Vadnais> I know....I'll talk to MT again today or tomorrow
<yehrightok> michael , where u from
Dealing turn card 6d
<D_M_Vadnais> Duke is mad at me....and, I believe he'll do anything to get to me
<D_M_Vadnais> Louisiana
<yehrightok> ah oki
<D_M_Vadnais> deep south Louisiana
<natasha1978> thats bs
<yehrightok> im 5 hrs from u
<cjmajor25> i don't think tanaka really cares what happens here
<D_M_Vadnais> 60 miles southwest of New Orleans
<yehrightok> <<birmingham
<cjmajor25> georgia
<drivninstructor> he needs to keep personal problems out of his mod stuff tho
<D_M_Vadnais> correct DI
<D_M_Vadnais> we've had lots of Mod Megalomania Disorder problems here.....but he tops the list
<cjmajor25> nothing personal to you kam but i still say we don't need mods, let support do their jobs
<yehrightok> well do have one mod takin it to extreme lurkin ring tables all the time
<yehrightok> i wont say whom tho but they are new
<D_M_Vadnais> which one?
<cjmajor25> would have to be noty then
<natasha1978> noty

<cjmajor25> lol
<cjmajor25> because if we send to support, mods read it and get mad at us and then block our chat
<drivninstructor> nh
<natasha1978> ok DM Cam
<torchwood3> thx
<D_M_Vadnais> lol
<yehrightok> altho support dont tell who wrote the emails lol right
<cjmajor25> yeah right
<cjmajor25> guess you still believe in the tooth fairy too huh
<yehrightok> oh i know they tell
<yehrightok> i was busted for it
<cjmajor25> join the club
<yehrightok> told on a multi and they knew who it was
<natasha1978> DM pretty plz ask mt to make me a mod
<D_M_Vadnais> I am going to demand that Duke be removed, and I will suggest that you should be made a Mod

<yehrightok> oki am i blind i dont see spazz on lobby list yet
<drivninstructor> not doint it no more
<yehrightok> ohhhhhhhhhh oki
<natasha1978> oopss almost had it
<drivninstructor> ok gg all
<yehrightok> so when they stop spazz n why
<goatfood> go to spazz home page lol
<yehrightok> but i dont wanna u tell me too much work
<goatfood> nope not repeating that in here might get da boot lol
<yehrightok> oh oki lol
<D_M_Vadnais> I believe it was another case of MMD
<yehrightok> mad mod disease?

<yehrightok> mmd
<kamraladympr> shhhhhhhhh
<yehrightok> lol
<D_M_Vadnais> Mod Megalomania Disorder
<yehrightok> u know ur laughin ur butt off kam
<natasha1978> lol
<yehrightok> i can see u shakin u laughin on the inside
<goatfood> shall we have bets how long kam keeps her modship lol
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PostSubject: Re: Misc Chat & opinions   Fri Apr 29, 2011 4:56 pm

just outta curiosity, when did that chat take place?
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Posts : 284
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PostSubject: Re: Misc Chat & opinions   Fri Apr 29, 2011 9:11 pm

I'd say about a year ago
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PostSubject: Re: Misc Chat & opinions   

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Misc Chat & opinions
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