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 Needs glasses I do say

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PostSubject: Needs glasses I do say   Needs glasses I do say I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 29, 2011 2:45 pm

Check out this link and tell me if it looks like the face of someone who still gets carded.!/photo.php?fbid=101031733246546&set=a.160798030603249.40649.100000191602217&type=1&theater

<YehRightOK(MOD - 995)>PP u mean to say im old? lol
<danielral80(970)>I guess I have to wait
<PEACEPIPE666(20)>thats back in the 80s no
<giffer(892)>you are lol
<danielral80(970)>Hope not for too long...
<SurfRat(981)>old music is still good :-}
<YehRightOK(MOD - 995)>lol shhh giff its a secret
<giffer(892)>not now lol
<YehRightOK(MOD - 995)>dont want them to know im catchin up to u
<andyb100000(983)>netteller took 19/20 days 4 me daniel
<YehRightOK(MOD - 995)>old mighty wise one
<giffer(892)>I carry mine well lol
<danielral80(970)>Thanks andy...
<danielral80(970)>5 more days...
<andyb100000(983)>its slower than paypal
<YehRightOK(MOD - 995)>lol i do too , i still get carded in stores
<danielral80(970)>It's not possible to cash up paypal now
<giffer(892)>hahahaha dream on lol
<YehRightOK(MOD - 995)>yeyeyeye lol
<danielral80(970)>Well, thanks people
<danielral80(970)>See you later
<giffer(892)>that a pension card lol
<YehRightOK(MOD - 995)>lollllllllllllllllllll
<SurfRat(981)>when they card Tatt for senior discount :O :-O
<YehRightOK(MOD - 995)>oh imma hurt u surf
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Needs glasses I do say Empty
PostSubject: Re: Needs glasses I do say   Needs glasses I do say I_icon_minitimeTue May 03, 2011 7:45 pm

affraid What a Face affraid

LMAO @ <SurfRat(981)>when they card Tatt for senior discount :O :-O
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Needs glasses I do say Empty
PostSubject: Poor Fooled Bubba.. Another Deceived Victim of Tatt   Needs glasses I do say I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 24, 2011 7:06 pm

Another poor deceived NPP fool that Tatt aka YehRightOK has managed to hook her sausage fingers into. This poor guy doesn't have a clue yet... She using pictures more than 5 years ago when she didn't weigh a whopping 200lbs. Bubba better invest in an oxygen mask.. he gonna need it when/if they ever meet. Keyboard romance what a concept... lmaoooooooooo.

(On a side note: I believe that everyone needs love in their lives, whether your big, little, different. But you should NEVER deceive someone by pretending to be something your not. Giving out pictures that are old as sin and doesn't represent who you are currently will always catch up to bite you in the backside. Explains why she's been "looking" for 7 years).

<YehRightOK(MOD - 15)>did u think that because of the way i play
<POPCORNpoker(976)>yea you are good
<BUBBAJ5(MOD - 983)>nope she is verry fine
<Shogun117(946)>lmfao again
<YehRightOK(MOD - 15)>lol
<YehRightOK(MOD - 15)>u wouldnt know it lately pops
<YehRightOK(MOD - 15)>bad luck
<BUBBAJ5(MOD - 983)>dude she is a looker
<YehRightOK(MOD - 15)>lol tex
<Shogun117(946)>u got pic?
<POPCORNpoker(976)>yea i can see by ur rank
<BUBBAJ5(MOD - 983)>boy oh boy do i
<YehRightOK(MOD - 15)>some my girl took of me at a concert <<< a concert she went to over 5 years ago and didn't weight as much as a baby elephant
<72jamesy(12)>cmon 500 heads up
<POPCORNpoker(976)>i was in alabama once too
<Shogun117(946)>tatt is a hottie?
<YehRightOK(MOD - 15)>lol
<BUBBAJ5(MOD - 983)>yepper
<Shogun117(946)>ah damn
<YehRightOK(MOD - 15)>ok yall embarssing me<<< I'd be damn embarrassed too if I knew I gave out ass old pictures when I weighed half as much and didn't look older than my mother
<Shogun117(946)>ok tatt lol
<POPCORNpoker(976)>in 76 passing through on my way to florida
<BUBBAJ5(MOD - 983)>im talking dami it boy
<YehRightOK(MOD - 15)>u got a birmingham over there pops

Then her demands... He isn't allowed to give out hugs anymore lmfaoooo... Poor guy is being fooled by old pictures and led around by the short hairs. Bubba you gotta wake up go check out ur keyboard lover's real picture on facebook.!/photo.php?fbid=101031733246546&set=a.160798030603249.40649.100000191602217&type=1&theater

Wonder how long this one will last... as the others all ran for the hills when they finally saw the real Tatt. No wonder she's been trying to get a man online for over 7 years... she scares the real life ones... and the online ones when they see the real Tatt.

Happy reading... loooooooooool.

<omahagal(18)>gm bubbaaaaa hugsss
<BUBBAJ5(MOD - 985)>ty gallllllxoxoxo
<omahagal(18)>gm spokes hugsss
<YehRightOK(MOD - 55)>he stop givin those away hun
<YehRightOK(MOD - 55)>pfft
<BUBBAJ5(MOD - 985)>lol make me weeeeeeee
<omahagal(18)>it was short lived then tatt lolol

<jonesy44(944)>rebooted site tried myspace page still says could not fetch value
<giffer(947)>oh she will bubba lol
<omahagal(18)>do u dare her to make u stop?lol
<BUBBAJ5(MOD - 985)>i know i liky
<BUBBAJ5(MOD - 985)>double dare
<omahagal(18)>get him puffin face lol

<StephenBiswas(3)>610917 $50 Short Handed SNG 1/6 - Registering -
<YehRightOK(MOD - 55)>i froze
<YehRightOK(MOD - 55)>what i miss
<omahagal(18)>i seen
<WolfsBite(MOD - 133)>ummmmmmmmmmm nothing tater
<omahagal(18)>i asked him if he dared u to make him stop givin away hugs
<YehRightOK(MOD - 55)>i bet lol
<omahagal(18)>he double dared u lol
<giffer(947)>ask bubba lol
<YehRightOK(MOD - 55)>lol he best if he knows whats good for him

<StephenBiswas(3)>is toby around??
<WolfsBite(MOD - 133)>lol she gonna have his ummmmmmmm in a vice
<omahagal(18)>so lets see some bored lol
<BUBBAJ5(MOD - 985)>:~) ive ben a bad bad boy
<YehRightOK(MOD - 55)>lol
<omahagal(18)>shes gonna rip u to tatters haha

Jealousy is a sickness... if Tatt wasn't deceiving every online man she manages to catch for two minutes... she wouldn't be jealous.. she'd be secure in her relationship.. even if its only a keyboard one.

God help the next poor fool!

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Needs glasses I do say Empty
PostSubject: Re: Needs glasses I do say   Needs glasses I do say I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 24, 2011 8:19 pm

lol! lol! lol! I aint sayin Nuttinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn hahahahah
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Needs glasses I do say Empty
PostSubject: Re: Needs glasses I do say   Needs glasses I do say I_icon_minitime

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Needs glasses I do say
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