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 NPP mod forum BS post hahaha

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PostSubject: NPP mod forum BS post hahaha   Wed May 04, 2011 10:18 pm

This Forum-
Run BY and FOR NoPayPOKER Moderators

by Duke007 » Sat Apr 23, 2011 1:57 pm

It's a priviledge not a right to be a member of this forum once removed from the Mod foum you are no longer allowed to participate in any activities within said forum . With that said please keep in mind you can be removed from this forum for any reason at any time .

Umm we know dook, same goes for noPAYpoker, so much for fairness-The favortism is disgusting there, if the BIG BAD DOOK don't like u ur screwed duhhhh u don't even have a clue how many know ur a JOKE LOL @ "for any reason at any time" ur soooooooooo tough LOL

U 4got to add *SUCK ASS & u can play the sacred mod league game hahahaha

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Posts : 284
Join date : 2011-03-12
Age : 64

PostSubject: Re: NPP mod forum BS post hahaha   Wed May 04, 2011 10:37 pm

It ALL boils down to FAVORITISM:

[12:00:43 PM] *WOLF: ughhhhh looks lkike another month i aint playin mod games
[12:00:56 PM] *Alexi Fr: why wolf?
[12:01:00 PM] Dani Cassidy: yw
[12:01:27 PM] *WOLF: hate playin wif sxc and fly and they always last to to regg so i cant back out
[12:01:39 PM] Gracie: omg pulleeeze[/b]
[12:01:43 PM] *Alexi Fr: oh ya, good one you guys
[12:01:47 PM] Pippy: they should be slplit in em
[12:01:58 PM] *WOLF: i agree
[12:02:00 PM] Pippy: just my opinion

[12:02:22 PM] Gracie: its 1st come 1st serve aint it
<<Bad Girl! hahahaha
[12:02:29 PM] Dani Cassidy: yup
[12:02:29 PM] *Kam: ya
[12:02:38 PM] *Alexi Fr: well, I never play but registered for this week
[12:02:50 PM] *Kam: watch em 2
[12:02:52 PM] Gracie: imma try to play
[12:02:56 PM] *Alexi Fr: got that right
[12:03:47 PM] *WOLF: i played a game wher she ripped a player for callin her ace/rage and reraisin it all in
[12:03:50 PM] Pippy: but if a new nic that never played comes in shouldnt they advance to top ?
[12:04:01 PM] *WOLF: the player had QQ
[12:04:36 PM] *Kam: id agree pip
[12:05:10 PM] Pippy: srry fly u didnt make this month had new peeps:)
[12:05:13 PM] *Kam: but i not been payin attn to that : /
[12:05:17 PM] Pippy: haha
[12:05:29 PM] Dani Cassidy: someone has to track it that way, another job for someone...errrr hott
[12:05:32 PM] *WOLF: or diff ppl other than same every other month
[12:05:41 PM] *Alexi Fr: It's a good suggestion, ty
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NPP mod forum BS post hahaha
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