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 A Lovely email i got today

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PostSubject: A Lovely email i got today   Fri May 20, 2011 11:24 am

This is a email i got today gotta feel for the guy lol

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Sent: 20 May 2011 12:12:35

this is goodbye,

today the mods really fucked me off.

gettin warned for joking in the lobby, so fuck the lobby and fuck the mods.

fukin little minded idiots, sittin there all day playing god.

tellin adults they cant say this or they cant say that.

tewllin members to move on when they are just having fun.

thats what the lobby is for if not take the fuking thing off nopay.

to some not going back to npp will make them happy fuck um did i ever give a shit. specially those fukin idiots that think they can control people and direct them as to what they can say.

nopay has had it if they cant see what the mods are doing to a good poker site.

i have seen hundreds leave nopay over the last ten years, and for what, being made to feel afraid to speak being spoken to as if they are kids, and by who , people who have nothing better in theyre lives to do than abuse the members of npp.
< br />nopay used to be a good poker site, but its starting to fall into the depths.

and when that happens what will those mods do, were will they go.

what will they do when they dont have that tiny tiny bit of power .

a cxhat room is for people to go to and chat , and chat freely without fear of losing accounts or being CHAT BANNED, yes i fully agree that to use the chat room u must not abuse another member or abuse nopay.

but come on, we all know what the world is like, filled with repression and hate but its still a world were mst people can talk freely about any subject and not be told to shut up.

thats what freedom is about, NOT being told to MOVE ON, or CHANGE THE SUBJECT or being told by people (mods) who are supposed to be there to not just police the chatroom but also help nopaypoker.

well they are not helping nopaypoker, they are destroying it, killing it off.

so to all you like minded d issilusioned idiot mods, look out the window watch some news, take a walk down the street, and see if you can see any signs SAYING ,,,,,,,,,,,move along,,, change the subject last warning go and play poker.

and thats the best one of all.......................go and play poker.

who the fuck do you people think you are , you are mods for one reason keep the lobby peacfull, stop members abusing other members and that IT.

what topics people want to talk about is theyre right as free people.

if not delete the bloody lobby, take it off nopay, as we are all aware the head mod smokinhott has told everyone.

that if things dont change she will take the chatroom away.

we have DUKE coming into the lobby talking utter shit saying things that members would have lost theyre chat for.

DOES THE EXPRESSION.....................

AND SMOKINHOTT.................
coming into the lobby ranting and raving like a mad woman,
weres dukes chat ban weres her chat ban.

the mods say thing that we would be chat banned for yet they can say wot they like with impunity.

its a joke, and i for one am not gunna sit in that lobby thinking before hand what to say in case i get warned told to move on told to change the subject and then threatened with being chat banned.

i dont give a shit about being chat banned i never have, what i give a shit about is what hott and duke and the mods are doing to nopaypoker.


after ten years i retire from npp and i also hand full control of chatsbanned over to my friend drivninstructor.

i wont be coming back to either site.

good luck drivn keep it running m8, at least its the one place nopaypoker members can pop into and chat freely about any subject .

have fun with each other argue with each other and say what the fuck they want too.

its been running 4 years hopefully it will be running in 4 years time.

i am deleting nopay and chatsbanned from my computer.
but my friends still can contact me on my yahoo.

cya peeps, been fun had good times with you all.

but i am a free man, and i will stay that way


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PostSubject: Re: A Lovely email i got today   Fri May 20, 2011 11:35 am

LOL wow sounds EXACTLY like what we been saying in SHIT, but U wanted to fight with us, it sounds like u finally woke up Very Happy
NPP WAS a great site, it's been going to hell in the last 8 or so months- The only thing that "may" save NPP is putting some1 like KajunSpice in charge, because she has ALWAYS been for the GOOD of NPP & def KNOWS how to treat people!!
Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: A Lovely email i got today   Fri May 20, 2011 11:42 am

i guess the truth really sank in huh 9er. i told you yesterday cb is nothing but ass kisser's being controled by npp. we here at shit promote free thought.
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Age : 64

PostSubject: Re: A Lovely email i got today   Fri May 20, 2011 11:45 am

AMEN Seeeeeeeessta!! Laughing

Thanks for sharing Don!
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PostSubject: Re: A Lovely email i got today   

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A Lovely email i got today
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