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 DMs Article starring PukieDumbo LOL

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PostSubject: DMs Article starring PukieDumbo LOL   DMs Article starring PukieDumbo LOL I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 05, 2011 3:18 pm

DM's recent article ("ARTICLE 2: USE TIME AS A WEAPON; VISION AS A SAFEGUARD) mentions a "PukieDumbo'" Care to guess who that may be?? hahahaha!!

Interestingly, concerning the 'initial winning discipline', there was a recent post (March 22nd) in the NoPay chat lobby; the person's name who typed the post shall remain anonymous. However, for the purposes of this Article, we'll give her/him the screen name 'PukieDumbo'. And, as the screen name might suggest, the individual is not a good player; frankly, he/she is about as far removed from being a good player as is possible.

This is what 'PukieDumbo' posted: "In Texas Hold'em poker, Set Mining is done by a person who plays mostly pocket pairs in the attempt to flop a set and bust an overplayed weaker hand. This strategy will work against weak competition, but is easily exploited by competent opponents". Nothing else was typed, nor did anyone ask about 'set-mining'. Not before 'PukieDumbo' made the post, or after 'PukieDumbo' made the post. Possibly, she/he was simply filling a self-required ego boost; believing that the post would impress NoPay members.

However, while the bulk of what 'PukieDumbo' had to say was accurate, her/his post ended with the exact opposite of something held 'dear' by ALL professional poker players. It's a 'traditionally accepted' play that none of these professionals would ever want to have eliminated from their respective produces an ROI of more than 100%; a number that is equaled by no more than 2 other betting strategies (out of the hundreds of betting strategies available and written about).

The 'end of the post'....the issue, the problem, the bad advice....rests within the last seven words. Those words are: "but is easily exploited by competent opponents". NOT TRUE! And, the real truth is fairly simple. It's also an absolute fact. ALL professional poker players will tell you that the most profitable hands they participate in, cumulatively, are the hands where they hold a pocket pair and the flop yields a set (as an example: pocket 7/7, and a flop of 2/7/A).

Again, It's ALL professional poker players who hold the 'set-mining' strategy as a sacred fundamental to their game; not some, not a few, but, ALL. They'd much prefer to flop a set, especially a set in the 222 through 999 range, versus any other hand; including paint sets, 'nut' straights, and 'nut' flushes (a 'nut' boat can never exist unless a discard has been exposed). The low pocket pair sets, resulting from the betting strategy named 'set-mining', generally win very large amounts of money. The power hands, easily read by opponents, generally win smaller amounts of money.

And, there's good reason for the professional players preference, and, an equally good reason for the "large amounts of money" won by the low pocket sets. The low sets are almost totally indiscernible by other players at the table. Thereby creating, over the long-term, the highest possible Return On Investment (ROI) for ALL poker professionals; especially when they are 'slow-played'.

Moreover, y'all have had considerable experience with both 'set-mining' and 'slow-playing'. And, y'all have undoubtedly added monies to your bankroll as a result of using both strategies; I sincerely doubt that any one of you would 'take to' the premise suggested within the post placed by 'PukieDumbo'; each of you know better. [If not, re-visit the 'Building a Bankroll' and 'Expanding Your Bankroll' Articles.]

So, let's 'mind emblazin' the three disciplines contained within this Article. One, the high ROI generated by the combination of 'set-mining' and 'slow-playing'. Two, the perenial use of patience; in it's 'quintuple' form. And, three, the process of using 'Vision As a Safeguard'. At a minimum, for the moment, while waiting for Article 5 (the betting strategies article), the play that results from the preceding will almost certainly put a bit of additional money into your bankrolls.

Plus, as an aside, we owe a bit of gratitude to 'PukieDumbo'....her/his post, sent to me via e-mail by a former student, served as a reminder for me to include the 'set-mining' betting strategy as our 'inintial winning discipline'; without any such reminder I could have easily waited until Article 5 to enter into any betting strategy tutorial. Therfore, without malice, I extend a sincere "ty" to her/him, and an even bigger "TY" to my former student.

Let's resolve to always rely on the poker advice put forth by the many professional players who have placed 'pen to paper' or 'finger tips to keyboards' Dan Harrington, Phil Gordon, Mike Caro, TJ Cloutier, and others. They play to win, we play to win. They play to make money, we play to make money. Plus, they, me, and each of you, play poker to make fools out of the countless 'hay munchers' we meet at the tables. 'PukieDumbo' doesn't.

We don't look for poker FYI's from 'hay munchers'; principally because they all appear to suffer from both a 'contstancy of memory loss' (CML) and 'rectal cranial inversion' (RCI). And, by all medical, practical, and logical reasoning, neither can be cured. Nor would any of the 'hay munchers' bother to seek out a cure. They're stuck in the mire of the pastures, absent any awareness of their CML and RCI illnesses, and you're on the road to 'real money' gains at the Internet Poker sites.
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PostSubject: Re: DMs Article starring PukieDumbo LOL   DMs Article starring PukieDumbo LOL I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 08, 2011 9:44 am

anyone playing regularly on nopay and then offering advice on how to play poker is just a bit of an oxymoron, isnt it??

should go without saying i wasnt referring to michael. hiya michael!!
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PostSubject: Hey   DMs Article starring PukieDumbo LOL I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2011 3:20 am

Hey Layla ... I hope all is well. And, best regards to Rock.

Michael : )
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PostSubject: Re: DMs Article starring PukieDumbo LOL   DMs Article starring PukieDumbo LOL I_icon_minitime

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DMs Article starring PukieDumbo LOL
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