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 Wolf and His Perving... Wallyrob FINALLY Chimes In

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PostSubject: Wolf and His Perving... Wallyrob FINALLY Chimes In   Tue Mar 06, 2012 7:59 pm

Wolf and his usual perverted ways... was finally warned by WallyRob aka Support. I don't know how this fool is still a mod... but then again it's a penniless poker site.. so go figure.

Here is some fun chat to read... I have edited out most of the unrelated stuff.. but even then got too tired reading my emails to do more.

Wolf is a viagra medicated kinda man.. by his own admission... Stalking SF, Hitting on Sassy, when SF isn't available... and god knows who else. Just ur typical NPP Mod... he's quick learning tricks of Tatt's trade... LMAOOOOO.

Here is the infamous WallyRob's words, then I will post several days/weeks chat that preceded it:

<wallyrob(MOD - 0)>Hmmmmm? Watchit
<WolfsBite(MOD - 93)>ok ................ now lets move on .................. i in trouble sigh again
<wallyrob(MOD - 0)>Thank you

<WolfsBite(MOD - 239)>hi sf muahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa
<SEXY_FEET(769)>muahhhh u hairy beast lol
<WolfsBite(MOD - 239)>lol sf ................ love u to
<MysticBlus(25)>a hairy beast looks happy
<MysticBlus(25)>hi sf Smile)
<WolfsBite(MOD - 239)>well yes finally
<MysticBlus(25)>good to hear
<WolfsBite(MOD - 239)>btw gm mystic
<MysticBlus(25)>gm wolfie
<WolfsBite(MOD - 239)>it is now
<WolfsBite(MOD - 239)>or was Sad

Then a few short weeks later:

<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)><--------------- misses nat so much . almost as much as sf
<Shabam(965)>kk ty sassy c u there Smile
<RUSTY2WIN(100)>here is sf
<Sassy2011(54)>yw shabam
<Sassy2011(54)>gm rusty gl
<RUSTY2WIN(100)>gbm gl
<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>sf dropped off of face of earth in cyber world
<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>sexy_feet
<Sassy2011(54)> awful quiet lol
<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>lol yeppers sass
<Sassy2011(54)>gonna put me to sleep lol
<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>lol ill wake ya up sass

<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>hehehehe
<Sassy2011(54)>plz do!!!! lol
<NewMikeYork(987)>wolf will wake ur ass up lool
<Sassy2011(54)>lool weee mike
<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>gotta find replacement for woman who dropped off face of earth Sad <<<<< I'd run like hell too
<Sassy2011(54)>awww wolfie...mere Wink
<NewMikeYork(987)>sassy will
<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>crawling to sass
<Sassy2011(54)>now that's what i like ... a man on all fours lool WinkRazz
<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>lol sass im used to it or flat on my back cuz i work myself to hard and MS say !#@# u .............. u ddid to much
<Sassy2011(54)>aww wolfie...make u 4get bout ur ms Wink lol

<WolfsBite(MOD - 217)>that forum is dead no1 even posts there anymore from what i hear
<kamraladympr(MOD - 716)>I dint mention any forums

<DarthVito(480)>714842 $5000 FreeD Weekly Qualifier 4/10 - Registering -
<nitaoshi(MOD - 952)>hiya kammy gm hun gl:)
<SIZZLE1023(961)>gm kam
<WolfsBite(MOD - 217)>im thinking its more like social networks
<IMABADDOGGIE(139)>Hmm then if she means fb then we must have a rat on it seeing she isnt on mine

and mine is set to private then if she meant me
<G_I_N_A(15)>I !#@# on mine all the time LIke I said if said anything here u just get a boot!
<fifty5056(11)>gm all and gl
<kamraladympr(MOD - 716)>they ur best friends doggie,lmao
<WolfsBite(MOD - 217)>doggie when u comment on other posts all can see that r friends with them
<only1dani(MOD - 980)>gm fifty gl
<fifty5056(11)>ty u2
<IMABADDOGGIE(139)>Only 2 posts I comment on are my own or gina lmao so I know who the RAT is
<HERcancelar(984)>gm fifty glllll
<nitaoshi(MOD - 952)>gm fifty gl gm her gl
<fifty5056(11)>gm gl her:)
<xhayzex(885)>sizz u got your 5k tickey
<HERcancelar(984)>gm nita gl u2
<fifty5056(11)>gm nita gl
<WolfsBite(MOD - 217)>whatever ................... move on b4 we all get booted from kammy <<<<<Your lucky she hasn't removed your bold, why you're still there is a true mystery
<DarthVito(480)>714842 $5000 FreeD Weekly Qualifier 6/10 - Registering -
<omahagal(18)>this time im glad im outta the loop lol
<WolfsBite(MOD - 217)>lmao
<G_I_N_A(15)>why would this even be considered a lobby topic? oh cause admins can stir lobby now?<<<<<Because MODs can do and say anything duh!!!
<omahagal(18)>giff did u see last pms i sent?
<fifty5056(11)>wheres all the pippy players need more than 21
<giffer(953)>yes hun tyvm
<WolfsBite(MOD - 217)>nuff gina ........................ move on
<omahagal(18)>lol giff errr
<kamraladympr(MOD - 716)>nope tired of the pms n messages left all over for me
<only1dani(MOD - 980)>lets all join this plz ... 714036 Pippy Bounty $500 BC Freeroll 21/300 - Registering 2012-02-25 16:45
<nitaoshi(MOD - 952)>ok people come on lets get the pippy 500 bc game up to 100 players
<omahagal(18)>can my kids play too?lollll
<lady_blue(MOD - 942)>i'm in ty fifty almost forgot gl
<kamraladympr(MOD - 716)>about certain mods ,hard to get on them if i sit n reading the chat going on n the 1's sending the messages n complaining are in mixing it up w/them
<nitaoshi(MOD - 952)>omaha they probably beat you
<omahagal(18)>i should get my kids addicted to online poker..then ill know where they r
<fifty5056(11)>good see u there at final table:)
<blackdahlia26(114)>can i reg for april mods leaque now? n the link plz?
<only1dani(MOD - 980)>gl in if fifty
<only1dani(MOD - 980)>not yet bd
<kamraladympr(MOD - 716)>no not open yet
<blackdahlia26(114)>oh ok ty
<freddyharcos(82)>714196 $5 Heads Up SnG 1/2 - Registering -
<only1dani(MOD - 980)>we will post it as soon as it opens
<WolfsBite(MOD - 217)><<<<<<<<<<<,, gonna be good from now on to make complains less to kammy <<<<<I bet real money that lasts all of a New York Minute... and I was right LMAOOOO

A few days later LMAOOOO:

WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>yeah well the first thing MS took what makes a man a man Sad<<<<<OMG... he really has no conscience... why would anyone ever spill that kinna personal stuff in a poker lobby.... ITS A SHIT POKER SITE.. but poker afterall
<mhunterx(933)>your viagra?
<Sassy2011(54)>that's ok ...i got sumthin fer ya Wink lol
<kamraladympr(MOD - 713)>tmi
<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>yeah need that and medicare dont pay for it Sad
<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>not nessisity they say
<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>bout 5usd a pill

<NewMikeYork(987)>i bet sassy has sweet candy loool
<Sassy2011(54)>lool mike Wink
<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>hi raised ..................... u talk to sf lately???
<raised_stakes(730)>n1 wolf good 1 m8 Smile
<raised_stakes(730)>no man
<raised_stakes(730)>where she been?
<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>nope i dunno
<raised_stakes(730)>yeah i was wondering the same thing
<raised_stakes(730)>nah on here
<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>no1 knows i been asking all the friends i know she has
<raised_stakes(730)>yeah i havent seen her on hoo for ages either
<raised_stakes(730)>hope she all good
<raised_stakes(730)>if ya talk to her tell her to hit me up on hoo man cheers
<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>me we were supposed to meet last month and she dissappeared<<<<<Smart girl I say... or hiding something
<raised_stakes(730)>yeah she just dropped off the map man
<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>yeah all i know is town she lived near ................ wish i had more id take a trip n see if she ok
<NewMikeYork(987)>she told me that she lives in ny?
<raised_stakes(730)>yeah she lives in ny
<NewMikeYork(987)>bye ny city
<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>yeah i have town she lives near but thats it
<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>middletown right mike
<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>thats why i thought u might know more
<NewMikeYork(987)>i was going 2 meet 4 coffee but i had my 4th back surgary an count
<NewMikeYork(987)>counld not
<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>everytime we supposed to meet something came up <<<<<LMFAOOOOOOO... I wonder why? Oh wait.. No I don't, it's the online love affair syndrome. Ask Tatt she's well acquainted with the no shows. looool
<NewMikeYork(987)><<<< same boat always something
<WolfsBite(MOD - 851)>i wonder if she even lknows all the ppl woried bout here
<NewMikeYork(987)>probbly not

<Sassy2011(66)>sheeshhhh my ear is hotttttttttttt lol
<chiptrouble(969)>hb omaha, hugs
<WolfsBite(MOD - 895)>lol sass
<queenm(968)>hi sassy gl
<WolfsBite(MOD - 895)>ya sure its ya ear
<omahagal(24)>tyvm chipster Smile) hugssss
<giorgos37(981)>wanted to make a point for Omahagal
<omahagal(24)>lol wolf
<Sassy2011(66)>lol wolfie mayb a few other places too :Plol

<7upsurfer(973)>grrr who clicked my auto fold
<snatafebud50(37)>u lol
<WolfsBite(MOD - 724)>lol
<IMABADDOGGIE(47)>gal did shes a little trouble maker and thats why she isnt a mod
<omahagal(19)>im the undercover mod in cognito Razz
<WolfsBite(MOD - 724)>lol then explain why im a mod
<<<<<Many wonder why you still are....
<omahagal(19)>if i can say it..then its english lmao
<omahagal(19)>gm doggie Smile)
<IMABADDOGGIE(47)>gm sunshine:)
<7upsurfer(973)>like a pet shop here
<omahagal(19)>he must still be typin that explanation wolf Razz
<IMABADDOGGIE(47)>No, if I explained it I would lose chat probably lmao
<snatafebud50(37)>31 days to vegas lol
<omahagal(19)>vn bud Smile
<snatafebud50(37)>lot of snow last nite grrrrrrrrrr
<WolfsBite(MOD - 724)>lol
<omahagal(19)>sometimes we can get airline tickets to vegas for 49 bucks each way :O
<omahagal(19)>cheap huh
<7upsurfer(973)>cos the make it up elsewhere
<SEXY_FEET(0)>gm all gl Smile
<omahagal(19)>wb hun Smile)
<SEXY_FEET(0)>galllllllllll Smile
<blackdahlia26(81)>hii sffffffff omaaaaa xoxoxo
<WolfsBite(MOD - 724)>sf muahhhhhhhhhhhhha
<SEXY_FEET(0)>y tu Smile
<7upsurfer(973)>bingo at my table
<SEXY_FEET(0)>hi bddddddd
<omahagal(19)>bdddddddd xoxo
<SEXY_FEET(0)>muahhhhhhhh u beast Smile)
<blackdahlia26(81)>this gettin interesting ill stay lurking
<7upsurfer(973)>what u doing is stalking
<WolfsBite(MOD - 724)>weeeeeeeeeee been asking about u fort a month luv
<SEXY_FEET(0)>hey its just 1 muah geez lol
<SEXY_FEET(0)>i was here few times u werent lol
<WolfsBite(MOD - 724)>i know Sad
<SEXY_FEET(0)>but u is now weeee lol
<blackdahlia26(81)>oma get me tissues plz my eyes
<omahagal(19)>he was off galavantin in wv lol<<<<<That's where his WIFE AND KIDS are.. ya fools. Its where he should be if he had 1/2 a brain and actually thinking with the proper head.
<WolfsBite(MOD - 724)>yes Smile kisses <<<<<As he was just perving with Sassy just hours before... PERV ALERT!!!
<omahagal(19)>lol bd
<SEXY_FEET(0)>ohhh he was huh?
<SEXY_FEET(0)>well hope he had great time
<WolfsBite(MOD - 724)>yeah .................... dont feel like home there tho
<SEXY_FEET(0)>u get ur house?
<blackdahlia26(81)>wow a smile!!! copy that <WolfsBite(MOD - 724)>yes Smile kisses
<omahagal(19)>dont feel like home here for me wolf..but sometimes u just do what ya gotta hun
<WolfsBite(MOD - 724)>got a house ..................... dont think its gonna be mine
<<<<<IF your wife were smart she'd kick your pathetic ass so far into the street you'd need a beagle to help you sniff your way back
<chiptrouble(951)>hi lia hugs
<SEXY_FEET(0)>has he been grumpy bd ? lol

<blackdahlia26(81)>hiii chip hugss back
<jimmybozack(909)>how do you post activies to feeds for bonus chips? does it work?
<chiptrouble(951)>hi sexy, wb
<blackdahlia26(81)>can i say that n not get boots sf?? lol
<WolfsBite(MOD - 724)>jimmy its broken
<SEXY_FEET(0)>i dunno lol
<omahagal(19)>thought it was fixed?
<blackdahlia26(81)>well im not gonna try hes in good mood now lol
<jimmybozack(909)>any chance on them fixing it soon?
<SEXY_FEET(0)>he always in good mood lol
<omahagal(19)>no hes not been grumpy...hes been really happy actually
<omahagal(19)>which is great to see Smile

<chiptrouble(951)>been bent for months looks like not soon at all
<SEXY_FEET(0)>well good gal keep it up lol
<omahagal(19)>and no im not afraid of the boot lol
<WolfsBite(MOD - 724)>no sf was depressed for awhile cuz no talkin to u

<blackdahlia26(81)>i didnt say grumpy but i see a smile now:)
<SEXY_FEET(0)>not according to gal lol
<chiptrouble(951)>hi wolf
<omahagal(19)>i aint makin him happy lol

<WolfsBite(MOD - 724)>hi chip
<SEXY_FEET(0)>it wasnt me i been gone so who is it bbw ? lol
<omahagal(19)>but he is my friend...and i love to c my friends happy lol Smile
<SEXY_FEET(0)>yes i know Smile
<chiptrouble(951)>if you not little red riding hood, wolfy not happy, lol'

<blackdahlia26(81)>aawwww moreee tissues plzzzzz
<omahagal(19)>lol chip gm Smile
<omahagal(19)>lol bd
<chiptrouble(951)>hi omaha
<SEXY_FEET(0)>hi chippy Smile
<chiptrouble(951)>hi again n wb lol
<blackdahlia26(81)>i go play caused cant see my cards if u guys keep this up tears in my eyes lol
<omahagal(19)>we have missed u sf ....get yourself back here missy...feet n all Razz
<SEXY_FEET(0)>im here geez lol
<SEXY_FEET(0)>tu gal Smile))
<omahagal(19)>well plant your feet then Razz

And it continues yet another day.. Until Wallyrob aka Support finally chimes in:

<WolfsBite(MOD - 93)>lol lia like to take her time ............... no quickies
<juliebobs177(682)>lmao heard that 1 recently
<Tweets72(888)>u mean ther are that type, thot all were, wham bam TY maam
<WolfsBite(MOD - 93)>yes tweets .................. they wanna move on to next man ............. lol
<WolfsBite(MOD - 93)>not me tweets ............... i take my sweet time ............... if im taking meds im going to use em all up
<Tweets72(888)>ooo gad tmi lol
<WolfsBite(MOD - 93)>lol
<Sassy2011(944)>no comment lol Wink
<WolfsBite(MOD - 93)>no tmi would be that im currently takin the weekended pill ................. lmao
<Tweets72(888)>i heard a lot of men call women ,postage stamps, can`t say why on here
<WolfsBite(MOD - 93)>lol tweets .................1 n done huh
<Tweets72(888)>ummm nope
<Tweets72(888)> lot worse
<WolfsBite(MOD - 93)>i think i know what it is
<Tweets72(888)>ok i take the chance chat be took away, lick em,stick em and send on their way
<WolfsBite(MOD - 93)>knew it

<Tweets72(888)>some deserve that, others worth keeping
<WolfsBite(MOD - 93)>tweets cant ban ya for that cuz i say lot worse
<juliebobs177(682)>in uk its !#@# em n chuck em
<Tweets72(888)> but a lot not worth the paperwork to keep and gets expensive to turn loose
<Tweets72(888)>i didn`t say that Jul lol
<WolfsBite(MOD - 93)>i like friends with benifits
<juliebobs177(682)>cant knock it
<Tweets72(888)>ok time for my daily exercises, but Wolf, watch those extra benefits, some are nasty
<WolfsBite(MOD - 93)>lol ................ yeah well i not getting any at all ............ im just all talk
<juliebobs177(682)>poor wolfy lol
<Tweets72(888)>never know who is carrying extra crap that they consider benefits

<wallyrob(MOD - 0)>Hmmmmm? Watchit
<WolfsBite(MOD - 93)>ok ................ now lets move on .................. i in trouble sigh again
<wallyrob(MOD - 0)>Thank you

<Sassy2011(944)>gm wally gl
<blackdahlia26(98)>oops wolf
<blackdahlia26(98)>hi wally gl
<wallyrob(MOD - 0)>Hi!
<blackdahlia26(98)>what did i do? i freezz:((
<WolfsBite(MOD - 93)>gm wally
<Sassy2011(944)>gg stephen
<flyersfan16(40)>refilll your cold bucket opf water wally he checking if u watching lol
<WolfsBite(MOD - 93)>lol fly
<WolfsBite(MOD - 93)>i expect call from kammy later ............... lol
<kamraladympr(MOD - 637)>I dont need call no1
<WolfsBite(MOD - 93)>ohhhhhhhhhhhh !#@# she watchin
<flyersfan16(40)>shes like santa
<WolfsBite(MOD - 93)>sorry bout conv earlier
<flyersfan16(40)>lool at sorry wolfe
<drnimporte(0)>plz im new how we play?
<kamraladympr(MOD - 637)>I know whats goin on n I know who certain ppl are talking too also

You gotta wonder... why is he still a Mod? Many, many players have been chatbanned and closed for alot less... BoneBag and Kam not have any real power afterall? They just THINK they do? Shit site... per the usual it seems.

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PostSubject: Re: Wolf and His Perving... Wallyrob FINALLY Chimes In   Wed Mar 07, 2012 12:38 am

[quote]<WolfsBite(MOD - 724)>got a house ..................... dont think its gonna be mine <<<<<IF your wife were smart she'd kick your pathetic ass so far into the street you'd need a beagle to help you sniff your way back

IF support was smart LooooooL, they would 2 ffs....
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf and His Perving... Wallyrob FINALLY Chimes In   Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:13 am

Double standard BS- LOL U know what's really sad, they don't even realize how FOOLISH he makes them look Laughing

<kamraladympr(MOD - 637)>I know whats goin on n I know who certain ppl are talking too also <<<OH now it's her business who talks to who- carol taught her well LMFAO

NEWS FLASH Kam-FYI- you not in grade school anymore duhhhhhhhhhhhhh- some sunlight may do u good ffs!

Last edited by AmmazingG on Mon May 07, 2012 10:34 am; edited 2 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf and His Perving... Wallyrob FINALLY Chimes In   Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:45 pm

Looooool... but that's a requirement these days, so it seems. You gotta talk behind everyone's back, inform the "leader" of all gossip, and have endless time to do nothing but spend your life away being a two-faced, gossip loving bitch.

What's funnier is the things some of their mods have said about the very people they now "work" with, as well as, their voiced opinions of NPP and their "support" team aka Wallyrob.

Oh how I wish I had the time to peruse my archives.... I'd enlighten the foolish. Who knows, spring break coming soon, maybe I will do just that. Looooool.
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf and His Perving... Wallyrob FINALLY Chimes In   Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:13 am

the SHIT will never end looooool
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf and His Perving... Wallyrob FINALLY Chimes In   Mon May 07, 2012 10:32 am

Nice convo esp for a mod?? LMAO same ole SHIT!!

<WolfsBite(MOD - Cool>no 1st time kids n wife left me all alone in PA .......... 2nd time was when she called n said she not movin back .............. last time was when she came up to get stuff for new house n her n her dad !#@#ed me off ...................... that time almost ended marrage
<blackdahlia26(10)>i need coffee
<WolfsBite(MOD - Cool>lol tucker ................... mere n ill make ya beg .....................
<tucker(204)>not a chance wb
<blackdahlia26(10)>ughh wolf a woman never beg
<juliebobs177(793)>u got it lia
<WolfsBite(MOD - Cool>lol lia .............. ive had em beg saying they cant take anymore
<meldone(12)> when once a month a woman is a bear.....don't dare throw anything at her
<tucker(204)>you must have been dreaming then
<juliebobs177(793)>yes but thats just ur attitude lmao j/k
<WolfsBite(MOD - Cool>ed meds r great
<WolfsBite(MOD - Cool>never !#@# with anything that bleeds for a week n doesnt die
<tucker(204)>think they ment they couldnt take anymore of your company wb
<blackdahlia26(10)>been there done that never again wolf
<blackdahlia26(10)>and im still alive lol
<WolfsBite(MOD - Cool>lol tucker ............... maybe
<blackdahlia26(10)>729664 bellesallinorfold-SnG 5/7 - Registering -
<tucker(204)>729664 bellesallinorfold-SnG 6/7 - Registering -
<juliebobs177(793)>hb hun
<meldone(12)>3 guys and 3 girls in belles game???
<meldone(12)>so far?
<WolfsBite(MOD - Cool>hmmmmmmmmmm come to think of it tucker u r right ............. since all always leave me anyway
<tucker(204)>how do u know who is male and who is female?
<juliebobs177(793)>we should have m/f next to rank
<WolfsBite(MOD - Cool>lol
<WolfsBite(MOD - Cool>ive asked that jb
<tucker(204)>y more fun not knowing
<juliebobs177(793)>guess answer was no
<WolfsBite(MOD - Cool>they working on more important things
<juliebobs177(793)>yes i can guess
<meldone(12)>maybe it was a big bad wolf asking
<juliebobs177(793)>stopping glitches
<WolfsBite(MOD - Cool>could be mel dont want me stalking new women ................ lmao
<meldone(12)>lia...ur away in belles game
<juliebobs177(793)>she said brb
<meldone(12)>my thought exactly
<meldone(12)>okie dokie
<WolfsBite(MOD - Cool>so i stick with jb n lia ................ lol
<juliebobs177(793)>ur just a puppy
<WolfsBite(MOD - Cool>puppy ? .............. yeah ok
<WolfsBite(MOD - Cool>im 35
<juliebobs177(793)>ive actually been stalked and on here
<meldone(12)>puppies don't drool that much
<juliebobs177(793)>i had to block them
<juliebobs177(793)>and get them banned from other site
<WolfsBite(MOD - Cool>hehehehehe jb well im stalkin ya
<juliebobs177(793)>i can handle u
<WolfsBite(MOD - Cool>weeeeeeeeeee ............ love a woman who can handle me
<juliebobs177(793)>u just need retraining lol
<juliebobs177(793)>only 1 man can make me blush
<WolfsBite(MOD - Cool>i dont wanna make ya blush ............. i wanna make ya ..........
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf and His Perving... Wallyrob FINALLY Chimes In   

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Wolf and His Perving... Wallyrob FINALLY Chimes In
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