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 Rules of Online Love...

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PostSubject: Rules of Online Love...    Rules of Online Love...  I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 14, 2012 6:37 pm

(Yes This is For You Tatt aka YehRightOK and all the other pathetic women and men desperately seeking online love).

It seems there is enough desperation at NPP that stating the obvious is not enough for the "desperately seeking any man" and "bunny boilers" to realize online love is a figment of your imagination and desperation.

So let me help you come to your senses:

IF a man/woman really loves you... He would give you his real name, address, and a phone number to call at any time of day or nite. You would not have to search google, his friends, his approximate whereabouts to find a way to contact them. <<<<That's called stalking FYI.

Nor would you have to sit endless hours, days and weeks to receive that coveted "skype, yahoo, or messenger service, that you have a new message, explaining every conceivable lie to get you to believe their stories... Such as a tornado took my truck away, all my friends died, somehow my internet payment was lost in the mail for 3 months, etc., etc. IF he truly loved you... wouldn't you have been the one he called first for comfort? Instead of making you wait days and weeks to "hear" from him? <<<<Desperation makes lies seem plausible... Sadly.

Also, "confiding" in every single online person you know and enlisting their help to stalk the "love of your life", is not only pathetic but down right sick. It just lets EVERYONE know how desperate you are and make fun of you behind your back. You also risk having a trusted "good" friend go behind your back and cheat with your cheater (i.e., Dahlia and Bubba).

But the most disgusting and hateful thing someone can do... Is DARE threaten to hurt a family by "telling them of your pathetic relationship with their spouse/parent". Yes... the cheater may deserve it but the innocent victims in your window licking relationship does not.

It is NOT the wife's fault you were an online whore and tried desperately to take a husband and father away from them.<<< Do you really think this woman is gonna care you got hurt?

The whores of the internet, NPP... men and women alike, deserve what they get at the end of the day... a lonely existence, in an empty bed... waiting till your last breathe for someone to finally show up in real life.

No one has any right to hurt innocent people because you chose to be what you are, so desperate you make a fool of yourself.

Anyone who cheats with a married man or woman, have NO RIGHTS to anything but what you get... heartbreak and shame.


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Rules of Online Love...
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